Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 21 - Favorite City

New York City

Everything about NYC, I love!
That place makes my heart melt and it excites even just seeing a picture!
I'd Love to [one day] go inside the Empire State Building & See Lady Liberty up close and personal. I've only seen her from a far!
I also want to go there during Christmas Time and Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center & take pictures in front of the Giant Christmas Tree!

Not only do I love the city itself, but I love the food!
NY pizza is unbelievably delicious! The bagels and rolls are to die for, and
there is nothing better than a corner corn dog stand!
I'm so jealous just thinking about it!

Helen, Georgia
This town is so wonderful!
It's romantic, family friendly, and beautiful!

There are so many cities that I love, looking from a photo!
One [year] in my life, I want to take as many trips to as many different cities in the US!
And then of course all the cities in Europe!


Kit said...

I would love to go to NYC during Christmas that would be so fun!

Steph S. said...

NYC is fab - i love it. BUT - Helen, Georgia?!? I want to go there so badly now! How cute! I'm loving the village-esque feel, it's gorgeous!

New follower :) Hope you'll swing by and check out "A Grad Student's Wife!"

SayRah said...

Helen GA Looks SOO cute! I wanna go there! :)
Great post and pics!

Lindsi said...

Helen, Georgia looks right up my alley! ....and of course, I realize it's only American to hit NYC up atleast once in my lifetime.

Katie K. said...

I want to go to NYC so badly! I have never been!