Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 28- What Stresses me Out //// Day 29 - [TODAY] 3 Wishes

Day 29 - Three Wishes

I wish Aaron & I have a happy, healthy marrige & Grow old together to watch our children & grandchildren & great grandchildren from the front porch!
I wish my Mother would quit smoking.
I wish for healthy children in our future.

Day 28 - Something that Stresses me Out 
I live a pretty stress free life. Thank Goodness! But of course, I have my stressful
moments. I probably let people [in general] stress me out. I analyze too much
& I want to make people happy all the time, that when I fail to do so I
stress myself out.
So, really... it's not people that stress me out. It's me, because I know I can't
please everyone and I know there are some people that are just made out to be unhappy and can never be pleased.

I hope everyone had a happy, fun, & exciting weekend!
Mine was so great. Friday night, I spent time with my girlfriend, Rachel & her awesome daughter Lacey. We dropped by my friends 31 Party for a little bit, had a nice dinner at the Golf Course in my hometown, and then went back to the house to make me beautimus. She did my hair! :D
Saturday, I worked for a few hours. Then went home to clean my house and prepare for Sunday. At 5 o'clock, I attended my nephew, Reid's FIRST birthday party. It was great! He didn't really know what to think about everything and everybody wine & dining him.[Pictures will come soon] After the party I went to dinner & a movie with two other girlfriends, Kristie & Candice. It was great! Dinner was tastey and hilarious & the movie "Life as we know it" was reallllly good. I don't rememeber which blog friend stated their dream home was the house from that movie, but I agree! I LOVED that home. Everything about it. I also loved the two men in that movie! Wow, what hotties they were! Sunday morning came early for me. I was up by 7am so I could prepare for my "Adult Ladies Party" Hmmmmm... Pure Romance is you can't figure it out. My girlfriend, Karen sells it. She is the best consultant out there. Seriously, there is no one else that makes the ladies laugh like her. I had 20 ladies attend & 4 canceled that day. So, it was fun. Again I'll post pictures Later! Jackson [my Shih Zu] & I were in bed early that night. I was exhausted! Aaron comes home Friday and I am more than ready for him to be home. Geez, it's been long enough! However, he is having a wonderful time, Hunting in Indiana with his buddies!
Happy Monday!!!
Bundle Up, it's chilly out there!


Marcy XOXO said...

Hey girl our three wishes are a lot alike and I must say that I let others influence my stress as well. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!! Happy Monday sweetie!

Katie K. said...

I am guilty of letting others cause the stress in my life too!

Tami said...

Great wishes! I love the picture of the rocking chairs on the porch. So sweet and definitely something worth wishing for. :)

Kit said...

You have some great wishes! I am glad that you has a fun weekend!