Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Love,

I Love You. I Love You. I Love You!!!
It's been one week, I miss you more every minute.
 I can't wait to spend every second with you this weekend.
The house is too darn quiet. Well, not really.
I've been up all night hearing our neighbors dogs bark their heads off &
something dripping. No, it's not the tub or the facet. I checked.
I think it's under the house. I tried sleeping with the radio on, and you know how that it.
With that, I started my day of singing
Poppin bottles in the ice, like a blizzard, when we drink we do it right gettin slizzard Sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6, Now I’m feelin so fly like a G6
as I was stopping the ground trying my very best to get the drip to go away. It was a bitter sweet morning. Yes, I did get Tony [the AC guy] to come fix our heater. You can not call me ghetto anymore, because I do not have to use the oven & stove to stay warm. I need my handy man. I need the other half of my heart back on Shumantown Road. Can you hear my whiny voice? Oh it's there.  Our bed says hello & she misses us both. No, I haven't been sleeping in the bedroom... You know that! Only last night I tried, due to the dogs barking. I figured if I got far away from their side it would help. I was wrong. I may just turn into to Weezer of the Steel Magnolias if we don't do anything about those dogs. Seriously, it's become a problem. So much for my list of things to do. Between your parents, my parents and Lifetime I haven't been able to get any Christmas Projects started. What are my plans for tonight? Oh, I have a date with the washing machine & the 409 bottle. With you being gone, I've turned into a .... lazy, lonely girlfriend?  The only thing that has kept me sane was Christmas Shopping. Yes... That is exactly why there is money missing from the account. Heyy, it's a good cause! Wink! Alright, well I'm gonna quit writing you my boring, I don't have a life while my man is out of town letter. I love you babe. See you on Friday!
missing you terribly 
 ♥ j



Shell said...

I hate when my man is out of town.

Marcy XOXO said...

Love the song and I love this post! How sweet! Hang in there girl not much longer ;)

Ashley said...

I hate things that drip! They drive me squirrley, especially when you are trying to sleep. Great post, love the song intertwined. I hate it when hubby is gone too!! He'll be home before you know it!!

Kristin said...

BAHAHA!! This cracks me up! TOO CUTE!!! Yes, We do have SO Much in common!! When The Hubs is gone to deer camp for the night I sleep on the couch! HA!! It's like it makes me feel safer to be closer to an exit! LOL! The other weekend he went and I actually slept in our bed. BUT...I had the baby in the bassinet, Little Cowgirl in my bed with me, and the DOG in the bed with me also!!! HA!!! He got a big kick out of that when he got home and I told him the DOG slept with us!!!

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

you're so cute!

Kit said...

This is such a sweet post! I know you miss his so much!
I gave you an award over on my blog! Go check it out when you get a chance!