Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: TEN Secrets

I stole this yesterday from Caitlin over at A Country Nest!

Day TEN 
.. secrets

10. I love my house clean, but the secret is... I'm the worst
"stuffer" on the planet. I stuff items that have no certain "home" in the house
in random spots. This is very aggravating.

9. As much as I love her, I often clash with my MIL.
I wouldn't trade her for the world.

8. I have a weird case of ... reading people very well. It's almost scary.

7. Since the day Aaron told me he was ready to start a family [back in February]
I've kept a journal [a blog post saved as draft] on our conversations & thoughts about becoming parents. They are moments I never want to forget.
When that time comes, I will post it.

6. I am 100% completely addicted to mobile FB.

5. My car is always... a mess! But what my sister says "smells like a bakery".

4. I wish more than anything for my fear of frogs to vanish. There is no running from
frogs in Georgia. We actually have a toad [puke] that lives under our front porch &
visits every night... right.by.our.front.door. As soon as he comes out, I stay in for the night.
I can not get me to cross over the doorway.

3. As much as I will convince you that I am not a sore loser. I am.

2. I really hate the term, 'regrets only'. It is ass backwards to me & does the planner NO GOOD. That being said, I irritates me more than anything... when someone doesn't

1. Sometimes I go three days without washing my hair.

Okay, so some of these were more of FACTS.
I had a hard time with secrets... I splurge on my own secrets.


Marcy XOXO said...

so cute! i just started this challenge, too and i feel like everyhing i told were just facts LOL

Amber said...

If you gotta have a messy car, at least it doesn't smell messy :)

Jessica and Stephan said...

Its actually not healthy to wash your hair everday! I usually get it wet when I shower, or use conditioner in it. But I shampoo it just a few times a week.