Sunday, July 31, 2011

... foods.

5. Fruit
... Hands down. I'm a fruit lover and so is the Mr.  I love ALL fruits. I could eat it all day long. I usually have it {apples, oranges, canalope, pineapple, etc} in the house, but if I don't it's due to the cost. Fruit is expensive. 

4. Spicy Chicken Sandwich
... with pepper jack cheese from Chic-fil-a. I'm addicted! It's so good!
{hold the tomato & lettuce}

3. Texas Tonion
... Ever since I can remember, Longhorn Steakhouse was mine & Aaron's favorite
place for a dinner date, even when we were just in high school. I couldn't even begin to count the times we've eaten there. Texas Tunion is somewhat like
a blooming onion, hold the blooming. NEVER ever ever ever do we dine here and not order one of these even if we know we aren't that hungry.
Usually by the time our meals arrive... we must ask for boxes. It's delish!

2. Fried Pickles
... Yummy! I like pickles period. But Fried Pickles... Oh yeah!
Hooters has the best!

1. Mexican
... seriously, I could eat Mexican food everyday. I would if it didn't stick to me like white on rice. Chicken Fajita Nachos {hold the tomatoes & bell peppers} is my all time favorite.
{I make this dish at home for supper too. One of Aaron's favorites}
However, recently I've discovered a new yummy dish, the Gringa {Jalapenos} It's pretty amazing also. Aaron and I love to order the bean dip {must have} & the salsa is just yum! I always... ALWAYS leave over stuffed & if I didn't prepare myself with something 'loose fitted', my pants are definitely coming up buttoned. It's that bad.
{pictured below, Chicken Fajita Nachos}

Can't ya tell I'm from the South?
Most everything is F-R-I-E-D!!!
{Hence the extra meat on my bones}

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Karen Mortensen said...

I love all of your choices. I have never heard of fried pickles though. I will have to start looking for them.