Thursday, July 21, 2011

God is SO good; Somebody is Pregnant...


Not me silly....

One of my first blog friends, Lindsi from The Handcocks blog!
Lindsi & her husband Alan have been trying to conceive for years now.
Finally, well... they've known for a while, but I just found out [BAD BLOGGER FRIEND] she's pregnant & they can extend their family. She posted today about being 19 weeks preggers with Cale Micheal. I was floored and so excited when I saw her picture of her updated belly bump. I went back and read all her baby posts. I am overwhelmed with much happiness to see this beautiful family of two grow.


I can't believe I've missed so much. I am so very sorry. However, it's still early. I couldn't be more excited for you and Alan & looking forward to hearing all about little Cale. God is good.

♥ jess


In the same breath, I would like to capture a small moment that [hopefully] ends up beings a BIG precious moment here soon.
Aaron's Sister, Bridget & her hubby Patrick are preggers with their second son. Ryder is due August 1st. Yay! However, it's been said he could come very early because he is a hulk. :) Bridget had a contraction last night, only one and then was able to go back to bed but still... We are SO excited to meet Ryder and blessed to have 8 + Ryder = NINE little ones calling us Aunt Jessica & Punkle [Punk + Uncle = Punkle] Aaron. Yay! Life is happy and couldn't get better!


Lindsi said...

You are incredibly sweet and kind to blog about our story! :) Seriously, I had tears flowing (but, I have an excuse to be crazy emotional these days, ha!) God is so GOOD!

Marcy XOXO said...

Love me some babies... and baby news! How exciting! PS... Love Love Love "punkle"!!!!

ty said...

This makes me happy :)

McKenzie said...

Congratulations to the both of them! Being pregnant and having children is so wonderful!!

Ashley said...

what a happy post so full of love! I was 6 weeks early and am all kinds of healthy -- so Ryder isn't going to be TOOOOO early since it IS the 21 =) How very exciting for Aaron's sister!!

April Rowell said...

Lindsi is one of my good friends and I am so excited for her and Alan. I wish you knew them personally and you would see that her blog doesn't do her justice. She's one of the most thoughtful people I know and they are very deserving of this precious gift. They are going to be incredible parents!