Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why a wedding band goes on the left ring finger....


^ Did you know this? ^ 
Because I did not. Fun facts!

Wedding Planning Update:

I went from exhausted to back in gear.
Here's how it's going...

His & Her Wedding Shower - July 16th, It was everything I ever imagined.
It started at 3 0'clock and ended at 1:30am. You know it's a good party when it last 10 hours.
We got so much stuff it's unbelievable. We have amazing people in our lives.
[I haven't forgotten about my Around the Clock Shower'. I'm still waiting on pictures]

Thank You cards - [from the shower] are OUT as of this morning, all 52!

Programs - They are in. We are not happiest with them. I'll stop there. Enough Said.

Bridesmaids Dress are IN. Whoo Hoo. I can't wait to see them! Yay!

HOPEFULLY, I will bring home my beauty tomorrow when I meet for my final dress fitting. Yay!

Security Guards - Booked!

Bartender - Booked!

DIY projects - getting there. Slowly but surely.

Remember THIS post about needing help with Presents - Only My Mom to buy and I'm done.

Honeymoon - I've done a little shopping. I've bought beach towels, suncreen, & a pool side/ beach bag.
I want to get it monogrammed. I don't know what to put?
Mr & Mrs?
The Drews?

You pick! I want something that signifies our "new beginning".

Aaron's Band: Looks SO good! Yay!
We went Saturday before our shower to order my matching band
however the lady who sold my engagement ring to Aaron was not there. I guess
we should have called before going. It was a waste of gas.
But... it was still exciting.

Next Up:
Weekend of August 20th
Bachelorette / Bachelor Parties!

Ladies will be in Atlanta, Georgia, while the men are in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our Theme: Mad Hatter Tea Party
I'm clueless on what to wear. CLUELESS. Help!

45 Days and I will officially be Mrs. Drew!


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I just figured out the ring thing last year =) & the wedding band goes on first because it'll be closer to your heart.

Ashley said...

wow! how exciting!! you have gotten a lot accomplished!

I would probably NOT put newlyweds simply because you will probably be less likely to use it as time passes -- Mr&Mrs would be cute or The Drews OR your monogram -- your initial on one side, his on the other and a big D in the middle??

Faith said...

how exciting!!! soooo soon!

Kristine said...

Aw, cute fact :)
Bachelorette parties are so much fun! Hope you have a great time! :)

wedding bands said...

Next year m also going put wedding ring finger :)