Friday, July 22, 2011

Where I'm at in Life...


Some things can never be unseen. Memories are lost everyday. And small moments aren't captured. For me? There is nothing like talking about old times. I can do it all day, everyday, with anybody.

So here it is.
This is where I am at in Life;

Date: July 22, 2011

My Initials: JLA

Age: 26

Size: Medium [top], 5/6 [bottom], 8 [shoe]

Friday Nights: Cookouts & Cards with friends, Cornhole with Family, Date Nights with the lover.

Hair Style: Long. Blonde. Long. Too Long.

Favorite place to dine out: Jalapenos [Order, The Gringa]

Favorite Outfit: Dresses or my red romper

Love Life: Very much in love with Aaron. He aggravates the tar out of me
lately, at the same time... I never stop smiling. He makes me so happy.

Home Life: It's really great. A little stressful because everything is just out of the normal with the wedding.
* There isn't a corner in our house where there isn't clutter.
I threw a fit. Yes, a throw down fit last night about this particular issue. It's driving me crazy. The wedding has my house turned upside down.

* For so many years, I worked really long hours and two jobs at a time.
I'm completely smitten by my extra time at home with Aaron and by myself.

TV shows: American Idol. Swamp People. The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Animal Planet. 

Extra time: Wedding. Snuggled up on the couch.

What excites me: *The Wedding *Planning the wedding *Our new vegetables chopper *Our new waffle maker *The new one cup coffee/tea/hot cocoa/espresso machine sitting on our counter. *My new frying pans that sit fly and not wobble.. yay! *ALL the cleaning supplies received from the showers. [Yes, an excellent gift. Enough to last us about two years] *Another excellent gift; spice rack, a basket full of all... ALL spices or add ins.

 A moment I never want to forget: Aaron getting pissy
[remember, he never yells or raises his for at me... EVER. I've never seen it.]
when putting together all the storage cabinets, the futon, or the [my eyebrows are raised] storage shelf that goes over the toilet... yeah, he threw it across the living room and yelled "this is a piece of crap!!!". I was mortified. my response, "Whoa, totally uncalled for. You are acting insane."

Life is so good right now.
Not perfect, but right where we want to be!

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Marcy XOXO said...

So cute! Just like you ;) HAPPY MONDAY!