Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: 59 Days

Only 59 days until the very dream of mine comes true!
I'm feeling a lot of emotions, good ones of course!
I'm so excited. I can't even describe just how excited I am. I'm overwhelmed, nervous, anxious, and sad. Overwhelmed because If you know me personally, when I get an idea in my head or if I see something that makes my heart drop completely to my toes... it's a must have. Let's just say I've had a lot of those moments. Being I am making 80% of everything.. hand making, I'm getting overwhelmed. But in a good way. I just have to stay on track and have no time whatsoever to get off.
I'm nervous because I do not want to cry. I want everything to be perfect. Who wouldn't? I do not want to cry. Have I stressed that? I'm an emotion wreck when it comes to other weddings so just imagine my emotions come this day. I'm sad because I'm having the time of my life planning and preparing for this beautiful day ahead of us knowing it's coming to an end makes me very sad. That being said I am super ready and so happy. I'm ready to be Aaron's wife and ready for our honeymoon. Can you say that again?

Upcoming Posts:
The 'Around the Clock Shower'

Every night my mind is dealing with WEDDING...
Many dates with the glue stick: My Bouquet, boutonnieres, favors [some what], guest book, Thank You cards, napkin rings, etc. The list goes on and on. Every night I am doing something or making something.

Thank You Cards: From the 'Around the Clock shower' were mailed out Wednesday of last week. However we are still receieving gifts... it's crazy. I can't believe how blessed we are! 45 Thank You notes mailed out....
Tables: Our dinner tables have been completed since the Bridal Bash. I still have to do a few things to add to it [like table numbers] but for the most part, they are finished. But I've also been setting up the other tables [like guest book table] and such. I've been boxing the items and decor along with a picture of how the table needs to be set up. Come the day of rehearsal [the day we will be setting up] I won't have to worry about how it looks when I arrive that evening. I'm still not done with the packing but trying to stay on top of it.

Invitations: We got our inviations in serveral weeks ago. Since then I've been putting them together and addressing them. It's been a little time consuming. July 1st marked 8 weeks. The invitations were put in the mailbox. :) * However, I arrived at Mom's yesterday morning for coffee and see one on the counter. Being we were in St. Augustine we didn't get the message until Monday that they were ALL sent back. I was L.I.V.I.D!!!! After all the time and patience... and the STAMPS. They said they weighed too much... which pissed me off more BECAUSE we took them up to our post office to get weighed and they were fine. Until they reached Savannah Post Office. Our invitations have a rope-like string tied around them which caused it to need another stamp. I never saw what they looked liked but Mom said they weren't bad [even if the stamps didn't match... UGH!!!] Thankfully the post office had some sort of LOVE stamps to go along with the wedding band stamps. I would have NOT been okay if it were an american flag or a bell. Not cool especially when we weighed them. I'm over it now. They are out. Smile!

Rehearsal: We are dining at a restaurant in the city we're getting married called The Mill House. I've met with the manager a few times and discussed the set up and menu. However Mrs Kandi [Aaron's Mom], My mom & myself will be meeting with him one last time to finalize everything. I'm very excited about this particular night because this is when we will be with our closest friends and family members.

Tuxes/Dress Fitting: June 23rd I had my first dress fitting. [Go HERE to see my dress]
I've been in love with my dress since I first found her at one glance on THIS day. She's breath taking. However she is about 3 inches too long [all dresses usually are on me]. I knew we'd need alterations. When the seamstress brought the gown up and bustled me as it should look I about fell out. I didn't think I could love this gown more than I did that very moment better yet, today. I am oh so, crazy, head over heel in love with it when it is on me. I'm also having her sew in my something blue and something old into my gown.
They both have so much meaning to me. They must be worn very close.
That same day [evening] Aaron and myself along with other groomsmen & ushers went to get fitted for their tuxes. It was a bit overwhelming having 10 people around waiting but dinner & cocktails afterwards made up for it.

Favors: Okay, so for YEARS I've always had this particular favor picked out and written down on my must have list. When we got engaged other options came forward therefore we decided on having two favors. My one [must have] favor has been marked off the list. Even though I was half way with a certain part of it I thought I had to many other projects to be dealing with these. I felt they were going to cause a panic attack in my future. [After the wedding, I will share what they were (on the FAVOR post)]. Our other favor is still in line and right on track. [Funny EXTREME BLONDE moment to tell after the wedding... I was devastated.]

Wedding Night: We finally found where we are staying the night of. Thank goodness because I was beginning to panic a bit. Now... we just have to figure out our transportation to our over night stay.

Things I've checked off our list to pay for:
-Aaron's ring.
I bought it from Kays Jelwelers.
It's made of tungsten which makes me nervous because you can't cut it off. However, with his labor of workit's what everyone suggested to me. I love his man hands♥ I had it engraved with  "Forever Yours, J".  And It will be ready for pick up on July 21st.
Triton Tungsten Carbide Band for Him

- Honeymoon.
Our honeymoon was booked many months ago however only half was put down.
Remember THIS post about me surprising him by the Penthouse Suite? Okay, well I've
been making payments to finish that up. As of last week, our penthouse is paid for. Hallelujah!

9 Bridesmaids - Check
9 Groomsmen - Check
3 Ushers -  Check
My Daddy - Check
My Dad [Step Dad] - Check
Aaron's Daddy - Check
My Mom - ...
Aaron's Mom - ...
My Step Mom - Check
Pianist - Check
Soloist - ...
Each of our Vendors - Check
Hostess Gifts [for the Showers] - Check
And we have decided NOT to buy gifts for each other. Our Wedding day will be enough.
However we are doing something very different and special between the two that costs nothing. Just a little thought and brings us back to when we first started dating 10 years ago.

That's where we stand...

Next on the todo list:
Music - [Still Struggling with our first dance song]
Ceremony Program
Finish my bouquet
work on the table numbers


sweetcanadian said...

Sounds like you are right on track. The dresses are nice but you never say which one is actually yours.

♥Cait said...

It's coming right along! I'm stoked to see it all come together! :)

We received the invitation in the mail TODAY! Super cute & I actually just walked to the office to look at the envelope to see what you were talking about with the stamps. I didn't even notice! I wouldn't stress it a bit. They turned out perfect!

As far as the transportation to the Statesboro Inn.. the Blue Goose transported us, alone. It was simple, yet cost us nothing extra. To cause less stress on you, I would talk to the guy about something of that sort. The guests will still be lingering around & won't mind a couple minutes of waiting I'm sure.

59 days! Yayyy!

Jessica and Stephan said...

Good for you for making a lot of stuff yourself :) it puts a nice personnal touch on the wedding, and makes it truly yours :)

Kristine said...

Sounds like you've got it all pretty well organized! I know I am going to be such a bridezilla about my big day just because I'm such a freak about organization and perfection :/

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

My hubby has the same ring! We decide on that one because it so durable and scratch proof- plus the hubs thought it was pretty manly looking :)