Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Maybe YOU can help me....

Com'on Ladies...
I need some ideas, suggestions, guidance....

With 52 days [...and counting] to go I can say we [Mom & myself] are pretty prepared.
However we still so much to do. Enough about that.

Before I move forward, I've been having serious issues for months now with getting your comments [which is why I slack writing back] through my blogger email, so if you have any answers please write them on here. Don't email me. If you don't want to write anything on here... find me on facebook & message me.
[FB= Jessica Arendes]
Sorry & Thanks.

Honeymoon list -
Yes, this is how my brain thinks.. I'm already preparing for this...Don't Judge!
  • What do I need to pack?
  • Did you forget anything?
  • What was the best item you brought that made a difference?
We are pretty used to traveling [in & out of the states] but still...
my mind is everywhere &&&& I've never been on a honeymoon..

Did you do anything special for your Hubby?
I'm all about fun stuff.
I had a [boudoir] photo shoot set up where I would make an album for Aaron
and give them to him on the honeymoon. I thought dressing up in his boots
and his famous [non sexy] camo hunting hat... and so on would  be very cute.
However, I canceled it. It still crosses my mind, but what really would be do with it.
Any Special Ideas I can surprise him with?
Any Games?

Thank You [Wedding] Gifts
So my Mom is the most amazing person I know. This entire wedding would not
be what it is without her. She is my set of wings for everything. I can't stress that enough.
Yes, I'm working hard every night on projects. She works 24/7 on everything.
Seriously, I got the easy part. And this is how it's been my entire life. I'd be so lost without her guidance and love. I've been through every idea I can think of. I've already bought her a embroidered mother handkerchief to hold during the ceremony but that is nothing compared to what I want to do for her. It needs to be amazing. It needs to be remarkable and very heart felt. It needs to scream appreciation and love!
What did you do to make her feel so loved and thankful?
What did you get your Mother?

My Mother In Law
She too, does SO much for us in everyday life. I want this gift to be more like coming from him... Not that is's only from him, but more about him & their relationship in life. I keep finding like mushy gushy little kid stuff. Aaron is NOT mushy.
 Any Ideas?

My Step Mom
So, I'm not very close to her [only because she lives in New York]. However, she is pretty awesome and has helped me with a lot of uncomfortable situations [with Daddy] and if I needed anything, she'd be there. I don't want anything that is overboard. However, I don't want anything cheesy??? This gift is probably easy, but I'm tired of thinking... HA!
I need your ideas. Any???


My mind goes ALL day and night. It doesn't stop. I'm used to this however it's beyond extreme because of this wedding. Last week was tough. I didn't sleep AT ALL. I wouldn't be lying if I guessed an average of 4 hours of sleep a night. Yikes! Aaron took me away from everything Saturday night to free my mind. It did.
I slept HARD for 14 hours. NIIICEE. So far I've been sleeping through the night [it's only Tuesday] this week & not waking up thinking about sunscreen for the honeymoon. Ha! That's how I am though.
Thanks everyone!


Marcy XOXO said...

Woman! Everytime I go to look you up on Facebook it's like you don't exist... (INSERT SAD FACE HERE)! Let's be facebook friends LOL Try to find me and see what happens... Marcy K Burris

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Jessica said...

It's been doing crazy stuff forever now. I'm getting so sad. I do exsist. WTH?

Anonymous said...

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