Saturday, July 30, 2011

{ Day Ten; Places

Day Six
... places.

6. Paws Up Resort
... We wanted to honeymoon here. But air flight over took our pockets.
We've agreed that ONE day, in our lifetime together we will visit this place and go "glamping".
Go HERE to check it out.

5. New York City
... Okay, so I've been here. [& I never want to be in NYC behind a steering wheel again, due to our last experience back in June. Ever!!!!] But I've never seen the entire city. Going to NYC for Christmas is on my bucket list.

4. Airports & Airplanes
I have a weird love for traveling through airports & flying on airplanes.
Something about the both of them, I really enjoy.

3. In a boat on the water
I love the water; beach, lake, river, pool... you name it!
It's probably one of my favorite places to be.

2.Cruise Ships
Ohhh how I love it. All 6 of the times I've vacationed on a cruise,  never have I returned with bad news. Perfect vacations..&&& in about 35-ish days, we'll be on THIS ship sipping on Miami Vices while enjoying the scenery of the ocean from our balcony. Hurry up, Honeymoon!
[Can you tell I'm excited?]

1. Home {is where everything happens}
... and my favorite place at home is my kitchen!

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