Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspire someone by guest blogging.

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You Interested?
                               i'm looking for inspiration & fun.
Leave a comment.
With your email address.
Pick your topic.
Start writing.
Write from the <3.
Dig deep.
Get creative.
Empower someone!
Spread the word.

topic choices:

&hearts;1. a person who you've met through your blogging experience who inspires you.
2. a life changing experience.
3. something you've struggled with at someone point in your life.
4 a secret.
♥ 5. any story you chose to share. 
6.  any tutorial
7. most embarrassing moment
8. your daily routine & what you'd love to change about it.

Sign up! 
I want to know you better...
and so does the world.
    teach us something.   
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Stephanie said...

I'd LOVE to do this! I definitely have had a life changing experience. Email me and let me know when you want this by :) Great idea girly!

Stephanie said...
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brlracincwgrl said...

What a wonderful idea! I love this! I have had a life changing experience, I will email you!

Ali said...

I'd love to write about the people who inspire me through blogging! Email me & let me know when you'd like it :)

brlracincwgrl said...

Oops, here's my email :)

Kristin said...

Hey Jess! I'd love to:)
I think i'll pick...number 8. Our daily routine. I'll send you an email!!!
Fantastic idea!

Sunny Vanilla said...

I'd love to! I'll post my tutorial from today if you'd like. Just let me know what day :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Along Abbey Road said...

I so want in on this! Love networking and meeting other bloggers!

I like writing about funny/embarrassing moments, so I'll go with number 7!

Email me at with the specifics!

Along Abbey Road
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Cassie said...

Hey Jess, I would love to do this for you! Thanks for asking! Let me know when you want it by, and I'll get to work!

The Presutti's said...

Just found your blog! I loved the post!!! I'm looking for guest bloggers and I'd love to guest blog for you as well. I really enjoy reading your blog! Newest follower too! Can't wait to get to know you!!!


Kristi said...

I have been reading you blog for a while now and blogger gave me an error whenever i tried to follow. But it finally let me! YAY! Love you blog!
<3 Kristi

Crystal Seed said...

I am a new follower and blogger. I too have had a life changing experience that I'd like to share. Email me @

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Would love to be apart of this!!

J and A said...

I would love to, thanks for asking but I have NO idea what I would post about..any ideas for moi?? Hugs.