Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing {Ketchup}

Boy am I glad to be back.
I feel like days have past and really it's only been 1.5 days...
I've been out with the FLU.
Let's just say...
worst nightmare.
not only me
but the hubby too.
let's just say
worst nightmare x 2
me + him + sickness + in our house = worst thing ever!
I'm thankful for my mother.
that stuff spreads with the quickness.
however we are over it.
thank goodness!
it's never welcomed at our house again.
my energy is back.
i feel as if
my moves like jagger are over the top!
SO much energy.
whoo RAH!

I would like to thank ALL of my followers & Stephanie from BEAUtiful Mess's
followers for supporting Steph with all your kind words.
Stephanie wrote me and said she
 "had no idea what an impact it would bring & how many lives I would touch."
Thank you.
'To be Inspired is great. But to Inspire is incredible.'
Stephanie, your words, your wisdom, & your strength brought courage to all the other
wonderful people out there who struggle with losses of loved ones.
I ask you share this with your Mother and Brother... maybe they too will gain something from it.
 NOW for something uplifting and HILARIOUS...
watch one of my favorite posts from Steph.
I promise... the day she shared this, I watched it a million times.
I stalked her!

I love the words and thoughts from everyone.

I've got something superb to share with you all but it has to wait just a little longer.
I know, I know. I want to share... but I can't just yet!
Bare with me.
 My moves like jagger are.... INSANE today!

Until then Happy Halloween {weekend}!
Don't we look scarey?



Cassie said...

Oh man...I hate not knowing stuff! lol A million things are running though my mind of what it could be! Glad you feel better though!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

aww I just love the picture of you two so cute & adorable hehe :) Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Thomas said...

Thanks for following Tellings of Mrs. Thomas! Your Halloween picture is too cute, and glad you are feeling better! :)

Mrs.S said...

I was happy to come acrossed your blog, love it..
New follower,check out my blog in return=))

Stephanie said...

Oh Jess! Your readers are in for it when they watch that video lol!! Thanks again for the shoutout and all the L-O-V-E! I weally weally appreciate it!!

BTW-I had NO idea you were a sick lil bear!! So glad y'all are feeling better!! I mean, who is supposed to take care of who when you're BOTH sick?! Poor things!!

Have a great weekend love! xo

Lauren said...

That picture is too cute! :)

Jessica said...

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