Thursday, October 13, 2011

it's blue, gosh darn it!

 once upon i drove a red mustang. 
her name was bertha.
bertha was old. really old.
i paid her off {$6450} by the time i was out of high school.
she was my baby. i loved her.
january 2008 i blew up her motor.
i never got my oil changed for a whole year.
picture jim carey hanging his head out the window in pet detective.
this was me on that day going down the interstate. only this picture shows no smoke blowing out the hood of it.
i lived on my own.
i was in college.
paid $415 per month for apartment.
had my cell phone bill. gas. food.
i was in college.
i partied in college.
i worked at cracker barrel.
i was in college.
i was broke.
i scarped pennies for beer.
i loved beer.
i was in college.
i could not afford a new car OR the payment.
i took out a loan.
every one told me "you're gonna get that fixed and everything else will break."
i took out a bigger loan.
i replaced everything in that car except the model itself.
she was a beauty.
i was 22 years old. 
i knew what i was doing.
so i thought.
ha! laugh at me. go ahead.
i drove a silver mini van for 6 months.
i got my car back in the end of May 2008.
two weeks later.
my first wreck ever.
bertha = totalled
i cried. cried. and cried.
i still have a loan.
a big loan.
no bertha.
no car.
no way.
oh wait. the mini van.
my family has the hook with with Metter Ford.
i told them what i could afford.
not really.
i told them i needed the cheapest car.
they brought it all the way to my house.
it was bright blue.
like B.R.I.G.H.T blue
have i mentioned like blue.
her name is smurfette.
we got a crazy amazing deal on her.
i wasn't in love.
i needed a car.
time to be a grown up.
i need to start at A and work to B.
my car is bright blue.
my car is a 2007 ford focus.
my point to this is....
if anyone tells me one.more.time
"oh you match your car."
JUST because i'm wearing a blue shirt....!!!!

laugh laugh.

ms. bank teller, you are not funny.
i mean really.
people don't tell you this when you wear a black shirt.
or a red shirt.
or a grey shirt.
why my blue shirt? 
i hear this all.the.time!
never fails, every time i wear blue someone says it.
never fails.

my steam is down.
i feel better.
did i mention we paid my car off LAST year.
or mention we just paid bertha off THIS year.
we're car debt free.

 this is my car.
this is smurfette decal my dad gave me.
she keeps me sane.
the end!


Marcy XOXO said...

LOL! Love this! Loved all the cool pics how fun! I love blue does that help ? =)

Erin said...

haha - loved this and all the pictures!!! Could you be anymore presh! :)

Anonymous said...

oh boy!! this was written perfectly! haha! so funny! congrats on being car-debt free!

Stephenie said...

LOVE IT!! and the Decal (:

Kristin said...

Bahaha! I for real just laughed out loud!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Loved it and KUDOS to you guys for having no car payments, its a great feeling huh ? :)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

wow so cute & fun to read!It made my night:) I bet you are glad to be car debt free i know i would be ...

Allison said...

Ahhhh so fun! I had a mild obsession with my first car too...but it was getting old and I needed something better. I almost cried when I sold him.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Haha! I love the Smurfette decal, that is too funny!

PS - I just wanted to say thanks again for participating in the fall scarf swap! If you have any questions about anything let me know :)

Carolyn said...

This is so cute! :) Yay for blue smurfettes!

Simplicity at its Best said...

Great post. very creative. I enjoyed reading it.