Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's OKAY Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay that not only do I drive a bright blue car but
that I have duct tape taping my bottom panel from scraping the bottom.
As if it doesn't bring enough attention.
{last Friday night I hit a dog... that is not okay. frown.}

It's okay that I've been dreaming of eating a McDonald's
{Value Meal}since 10:30am.  Not to mention me thinking to remind them to make sure they salt my fries. ugh!

It's Okay that I flat iron my hair only HALF way this morning
leaving the back to finish drying... I'm rocking the POOF extreme... with no hair tie.
{maybe its not really okay}

It's Okay that I only spent $86 dollars at my first
Willow House Party when I already have too many casserole dishes to count.
AND I booked a party which means I'll probably spend more.

It's Okay to hand the Mommy's 'Trick or Treat' bags out as we do the same for children this year... only the mommy bags will have Pure Romance Goodies in their bags.
HEY I gotta book more parties. Santa is coming SOON!
{my husband is seriously freaked out about this as I filled the bags with condoms & lubricant last night}

Yes, I sell Pure Romance... and that my friend is OKAY!

It's Okay that I only drank 3 glasses of wine on a Wednesday night {after} supper
was finished. {as I filled my 'trick or treat bags' bags with goodies} What can I say it was a super boring day at work, someone had to spice it up.

It's Okay that I am writing all of this instead working on my campaign...
I mean I only have 20 more minutes before I leave for the day...
{I should be fired}


I'm super excited about tonight because I'm having
dinner {Mexican at that} with one of my very good friends, Dee. It was her birthday earlier this month so what she doesn't know  is I have a little something up my sleeve for her! :) Fun fun!


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I should be fired, too... IT'S OK LOL

Molly said...

Love that you made grown up trick or treat bags, ha!

Erin said...

I think we should all be fired!! Bc this is all I do at work!!
I have never heard of Pure Romance (maybe that is not okay) - can you send me something, please!! :)

Lindsi said...

I don't normally drink wine when I'm not pregnant.....but ALLLLLL I have been thinking about the past week is how bad I want a glass of wine, haha! :) Next time you have one, have a glass for me!

Courtney said...

Omg I've been craving McDonald's for the past 2 days! I'm seriously contemplating going for dinner and getting a double cheeseburger meal. Mmmmm!

ty said...

Mommy's trick or treat bags is such a cute idea!!

Kristine said...

I LOVE PURE ROMANCE!! Like obsessed :)

Nicole said...

ahh!! i love that you have mommy bags! i don't even have kids and i want one!!


Crystal Seed said...

It IS okay that you only flat ironed the front of your hair. Because I only styled my bangs this morning and pulled the rest back into a side messy bun...So I totally feel ya!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Its ok that you drank 3 glasses of wine I always say if of age why not.. I love my fruity wine & i would drink 3 n def not feel bad for it.