Monday, October 24, 2011

Ceremony Re-CAP {Vows & such}

The wedding re-CAPS are back! Whoo-hoo!
If you've missed anything you can go to my left sidebar and catch up.
You haven't missed a whole lot.
Today I'm sharing the rest of my ceremony + some.
If you missed my first post {the brides walk} Go back and read this before reading any further. The other ceremony post is so touching... or at least I think it is.

{In order to get the whole feel of things...
you have to listen to the music this song was actually played
during our sand ceremony}

After leaving the salon where all 10 of us {Maids & Me} got our hair done
we ventured back to our venue. This is when things got a little crazy.
What we thought we had a lot of time... went from a lot to NONE.
I handmade made their earrings and due to picking out their necklaces months after making their earrings & them all being different from each other, there were some earrings that I needed to change. Due to this situation... I never got to finish them. Which led me to finishing them in the bridal room with the wrong glue. Therefore I was put behind a little... a lot.
My photographer was there 30 mintues early to look at everything and prepare..
when they were ready for me, my dress wasn't even on. It takes a whole 15 minutes just to
lace me up. It was a little overwhelming.

First time seeing myself as a completed bride.

The Ceremony

As our guests walked up to the venue they were directed to the back.
As soon as they reached the walk way my oldest nephew, Austin & oldest niece
Chloe were there serving lemonade

Aren't they adorable???

Reaching my groom...

I have two sets of parents. So this was tough.
My {step} Dad walked me down the aisle. I did not want the words "who gives this bride"
therefore, I had my Mom, Daddy, Step Mom Diane waiting for me before I got to Aaron.
When we reached all my parents, I kissed each one of them as Aaron can down and grabbed my hand. My Dad handed me to him... instead of who gives this bride.

The ceremony was one of my favorite parts of the day.
It was so special and a lot of fun.
Although... there were mistakes and uh ohs'..
I rented a sound system from our DJ in order for everything to be heard.
Well, he worn his mic... but nothing was heard.
Our Vows... were written by us. be my wedded wife/husband, my lifetime partner, to have and to hold
from this day forwrd. Through our greatest days & our weakest days, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til' death do us part. 
I promise to love you when we are together, and for when we are apart. I promise to love you when I am proud of you, and when I am disappointed in you. I will honor your goals and dreams and help you fulfill them. For the depth of my being, I will seek to be open and honey with you. I say these things believing that God is in midst of them all. I love you, as I love no other.
After our vows came our sand ceremony.
Aarons cousin sang the song {playing now}. It was so beautiful.
Instead of going back to the preacher and standing there while the song finished out
we took the left over time and give hugs and kisses to our mothers as they accepted both of us as their child. It was special.

Our ceremony was short & sweet.
It was so memorable. I loved every second of it.
The last thing {I had} my preacher say was
"What the caterpillar perceives is the end; to the butterfly is just the beginning."

Then to tell Aaron to kiss his Bride.
At this moment, my maid of honor was supposed to release the butterflies.
1. they were supposed to be behind us. they werent.
2. She could not get the box opened. hilarious.
3. look at my face = PRICELESS.

Then he pronouced us as
Mr & Mrs Aaron ..... Drew

and the party began

Selected song choice to walk BACK down the aisle:
This Will Be {and Everlasting Love}
by Natalie Cole

... and we danced.

During our ceremony, I looked at Aaron and realized he hadn't shanved.
I asked him about it and his response was "They were rushing me. I didn't have time."

Also, in the middle of our ceremony, his shirt came completely unbuttoned.
All of a sudden his entire chest was showing... hilarious.
This is him buttoning it back up. Our preacher was about to crack.

Here are a few random ceremony pictures:
{random selection...}

above: Dani getting ready to release the butterflies.

above: ashley singing so beautiful.

above: love this picture. this is my brother holding my bouquet &
my sisters parasol while she fluffs my dress as we pour the sand.

Dani & Kristie



excuse the blury photo of the butterfly, but this was actually taken with a phone.

this also was taken with someones phone

one of my FAVORITE pictures captured.

... I'll post more {random} pictures
of everthing once I'm finished posting all the re-CAPS!


Ashley said...

Your bridesmaid dresses are amazing! As well as yours :)

Krystal said...

So excited wedding recaps are back!!! Each one has made me cry...probably mostly because of the music!!! Can't wait to read and see more!!! Everything has been absolutely GORG-eous!!

Stephanie said...

YESSS! It's about time girly! (ok kidding...I know it's alot to do all these recapcs!!) But seriously..I LOVE them every single time!

1. The pic of you looking at yourself as a bride gave me chills. So beautiful!

2.I love that y'all wrote your own vows. So sweet!!

3. I laughed SO hard when you said your husband's shirt came completely unbuttoned, the butterfly cage wouldn't open AND your brother holding the parasol and bouquet. HA!

YES! Can't wait for the rest!!

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So amazing. I LOVE the lemonade stand. And the maid dresses and necklases are some. And YOU - stunning!

Cassie said...

This made me laugh! I loved it! I needed a smile! I can't believe that his shirt came unbuttoned! haha! Too funny! I loved these pictures! The butterfly idea is so pretty! Love it!

Crystal Seed said...

Everything looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!

sweetcanadian said...

those are some gorgeous pics. Considering you got married at a plantation the parasols were a much better choice than flowers, with the long dresses reminded me of the olden days

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Hey I tried following you but some maintence with the site, but would love for you to follow me than I can follow you when it's not being "crazy" lol thanks so much :) have a great day!!!


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These photos are gorgeous! I need to catch up on the rest of your wedding pics. The slacker award goes to ME! You were such a beautiful bride!

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So beautiful!!!

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SO CUTE! I love all the little mishaps... those are the things that create the best memories! You were a GORGEOUS bride!!