Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celebrity Christmas, Who should I be?

For the past two years, our group of friends have gathered together and
done some sort of Christmas Party.
In 2009, Brycelyn & Jeremy hosted 'Tacky Sweater' Christmas Party
& last year Aaron and I hosted 'Santa's Little Helpers', ristma It was a blast and everyone had a wonderful time. Not to mention, I loved hosting it... I had WAY too much fun! :)

Moving along. This year, I sent a massive text message out asking everything to vote for the theme, I figured why not change it up. The choices where: Tacky Christmas, Celebrity Christmas, Red-Neck Christmas, Cocktail Party, or A White Christmas {wear all white}.

The votes were close between: Celebrity & Tacky.

Celebrity Christmas WON!
Of course it still had to be Christmas-y.

I'm a bit nervous. Aaron is already on a roll with his ideas, however I'd love to do something together but highly doubt that would happen.
So... I need YOUR help.

To the right side of my blog wall is where you vote for my celebrity.
The last choice is {Comment your Ideas}
meaning... if you have BETTER celebrities ideas please, please... do.not.hold.back!

So, whatcha think?

a Jersey Shore cast member
{I'm sure I could get some ladies to tag along}
a pregnant Jessica Simpson
{i am not pregnant}
Miranda Lambert {if I can get Aaron to be Blake}
a Kardashian sister
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
your ideas

Please Vote on the POLL unless you have other ideas...
Would LOVE all your feedback.


Carolyn said...

I voted! I think you should do Miranda and Blake! SO CUTE! :)

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Sorry but I, too, voted for Miranda and Blake! That would just be too dam cute!!! Sersly =)

brlracincwgrl said...

Miranda & Blake! That's my vote :)

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

Okay.. I voted for Miranda...I think you'd look great as her and your hubby as blake.. miranda and blake they seem like a couple you could drink a beer with lol.. I hosted a Widows party for Halloween and had a BALL!!!(only women) i seen this on ur blog in past posts and would love to throw a x-mas party as well.. ( for everyone) what do you do about gifts?? i'd love some instite from ya!!

Ashlyn said...

i voted for miranda & blake!!!
super cute blog girl!
glad i found you :]

Kristin said...


Rebecca said...

miranda and blake!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds like a fun party. I voted for Miranda.

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Miranda and Blake for sure!!

Brae said...

I agree, Miranda and Blake! (:

Mallory said...

Miranda and Blake for sure!! Such a cute idea:)

♥Cait said...

As much as I absolutely LOVE Miranda, I think the prego Jessica Simpson would be hilarious! If Aaron decides to do his own thing, you should definitely do JS with a baby bump.

Ashleigh Nichole said...

That pic was just to die for. I loved it & got a huge kick out of it! & I also voted for miranda n blake :) such a cute couple I mean you would pull it off :)