Thursday, August 19, 2010

Emily's FIRST birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Emily Grace


ONE year ago I experience one of the most breath taking moments of my life.
The birth of my youngest niece, Emily Grace!
I was nervous due to the fact that I had no clue what I signed up for
 & of course because I have a weak stomach. I am not the one to be around when blood is in sight! I was honored when my sister asked me to be apart of her birth, along with her husband, Tommy and my Mom.
The room was crowed with nurses, my sister... well you can only imagine. Tommy was rootin' her on, holding her hand.  Mama was crying because Kim was crying...I was holding one leg rootin', and watching every bit of it!
After seven hours of being there and [guessing] forty five minutes of actual labor...
I'll never forget when I saw her head start crowning... I couldn't believe my eyes!  Tears were pouring as I saw her dark brown hair.. I began to panic a little. Minutes later, my sweet baby girl was getting cleaned up & weighed in.
Her healthy lungs wouldn't stop crying until she was in the arms of Kim & Tommy!

Kim did not have a C-Section.
I was just playing the part!

Since then, Emily has been a true blessing to all our lives.

She is the happiest baby & so pleasant to babysit!

[How Big is Emmmmily?? SOOO BIIIIG]
 Enjoying her sink bath at
Uncle Aaron's & Aunt Jessica's house a few weeks ago!

My Sister & my Mom took Emily to the beach for the first
time on Monday, the 17th to take a few photos of her!
She loved the Beach!

We Say: How Big is Emmmily???
Then she raises her arms and says SOOOO BIG!!!
Isn't just adorable???

Today is great! For the past three days I've been getting up  @ 5:30am and working out with a friend of mine. A workout is tough for me now-a-days. Just call me lazy. After putting on some yucky extra pounds and my pants not fitting AT ALL... Something has to be done! We are in it together, I'm so sore and my body... I'm not sure how it's responding. I'm definitely feeling muscles I didn't know I had but I feel pretty energetic! I like. Aaron is leaving for the weekend to attend his friends bachelor party. I'm excited for him but of course, my selfishness likes to kick in riiight before he leaves. I absolutely do not like sleeping without him. It's bad. :D
Poor me, right? Nah I'll be okay! I'm actually looking forward to ME TIME!!!! I'm getting off early today so we can spend some more time together! We have date night at home tonight! The plans are to grill out, and enjoy his favorite meal; Steak, Twice Baked Potato, & Salad! I'm looking forward to it! Oh & before he leaves, he gets to attend JURY DUTY!!! How Ironic? He's says I had something to do with it. :D 
Anyway, I hope you have a HAPPY THURSDAY!


♥Cait said...

Oh how precious! Happy Birthday Miss Emily! I love the first picture. Too cute! What an amazing experience you witnessed first hand. This semester, I have my OB/Women's Health rotation. I can't wait! I'll probably see more child births than I care to see, but it will be such a rewarding opportunity! Good seeing you yesterday! I apologize for looking a mess, going to class everyday just doesn't get us enthused anymore. We wear what's comfortable to sit through each 3 hour lecture, ha! I too can't sleep without Cliff. He was gone for over a month during the June/July and I tossed and turned EVERY night. It's good to have some "ME" time every now and again. Soo, enjoy :)

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