Monday, August 9, 2010

150 = 150

I remember the excitement I got when I had 10 followers. I thought I was way cool, even though I didn't really understand was happening. Today, I reached my 150th follower!

Holy Moly!

I want to thank each and every blog friend out there. I've had so much fun in the six months I've been blogging. I've learned so much. I've been inspired by many of you all, and I've had a blast. You've made me laugh, made me cry, and taught me many of things. From recipes, to making jewelry, to Kick Ass true life stories. I love them all. I may not comment on everyones posts, but know that I am reading them if I follow you.

Is it just me or reading & following makes you loose your time and then you realize you've gotten NOTHING done?

So, today, I'm giving back. Here is a list below of 150 facts about me.

I hope you enjoy!

My Boyfriend of 10 years, Aaron comes first in my life.
He's my bestest friend.
My one and only lover.
My Role Model!
I just turned 25 on July 1st.
I am a Christian. I read my bible. I am sinner.
I have a brother who is 8 years older  & a sister who is 5 years older . Two Step brothers and three step sisters. Two Sister in Laws & Two Brother in Laws.
I am an Aunt to eight Amazing Children!
My Hair is naturally Red & Wavy.
    My Parents Divorced when I was 9 months old. Since then, I've been blessed with two step parents who I love dearly.
     I have a Shih Tuz, Jackson, who now lives with his grandparents. [Long Story]
I am 5'2
I have my Master Cosmetology License & My P and C Insurance License.
 I am an P & C Insurance Agent.
I live 2 miles from my Parents House and have coffee with my mom on the weekdays.
The only wreck I've been in, was when I was 23 years old. A lady hit me from behind, totalled my Mustang [my baby] and then I purchased the brightest blue Ford Focus June 13th 2008 and paid it off July 30th, 2010.
I love Cheesecake & Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
I get Lazy when it comes to dusting...
I LOVE Animal Print. Preferably Cheetah.
Bread & Snacking are my weakness'
I have A.D.D & A.D.H.D
One of my favorite things to do is have A Ladies Night
I get bored with my hair EASILY!
Aaron & I just remodeled and moved into to our new home June 17th.
My BIGGEST dream is to plan my wedding && become a wife. I've planned my wedding 5 times and they've been completely different.
I cry at some point during 97% of the movies I watch.
I can watch Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, The Break Up, The Sweetest Thing, and Old School over and over and over and over again... and never get bored!
My Favorite Color is Pink. I've always been a Miller Lite kinda girl, but lately we've switched to Bud Light!
I prefer to drink my beer in a Bottle.
I've fallen in love many of times with only one man.
As a child, I had an obsession with The Little Mermaid
I've never broken a bone
Aaron and I have boxing matches.
Frogs are my worst fear. It's Serious and no joke!
I wear heels of some sort every. single. day.
 No Showers. I love Bubble Baths. They sometimes last 2 hours!
Kids of any age, make me really happy.
Aaron and I eat dinner at the kitchen table, even if it's just the two of us.
3 Musketeer is my favorite candy bar.
Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.
80's music can turn my bad mood into a good mood.
Carrie Underwood is AWESOME & has an amazing voice!
I love to make friendships!
Family is so important to me. I rather be where they are, than anywhere else.
Once upon a time, I worked 60 hours a week to support myself.
I cut Aaron's fingernails and toenails for him.
I sweep my carpet.
I want to see as many countries as I can - Another Dream of mine!
I live in a really small town - it consists of one red light.
Lulu's Chocolate Bar is one of my favorite places to go.

I love the smell of Gasoline & Abercrombie Woods
I drop my cell phone on a average of 5 times a day.
One random thing you will find in my purse is a sewing kit!
I'm a BIG dreamer
I love Danglely earrings.
I have a true love when working with disabled children & adults, which is why I am a member of SOGA. [Special Olympics of Georgia]
I love love love love love love to dance.
My Eyes are Blue.
Flowers make me REALLLLLLY happy. i gerber daisies.
My  idea of a prefect date is dinner with great company and entertaining conversation.
Cruises make me really happy & are the BEST vacations.
I was a Server for six years before I let it go. [Great Money = Hard Work]
I'm a BIG sucker for family traditions.
I have Fred Flinstone feet.
When I was a kid, my mom would sing a song [she made up] to me every night - called I love my Pooh pooh head!
I Love to be in the Kitchen!
I love Honey Gram Crackers dipped in Milk for a mid-night Snack.
I love Action Movies!
I don't brush my hair.
When I get REALLY mad I turn red and sometimes cry!
I will starve before I pay a bill late! My Credit means a lot to me.
French Dips are my favorite Sandwiches
I can live off of Mexican Food! [Chicken Fajita Nachos with Onion only]
My favorite part of a wedding ceremony is to look at the Groom when he first See's his Bride!
Have I mentioned I 've DREAMED of the day I get to marry Aaron since I was a little girl.
I love everything about the Water. Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING...
I try any foods, but I will not eat Mayo & frog legs.
Aaron and I have "brick breaker" dates in bed, before calling it a night.
I change the polish on my nails weekly.
I know MOST Nursery Rhymes && think it's important for children to learn them!
I ♥ facebook - even though it gets on my nerves.
I had a REALLY hard time adjusting to new schools when I started High School in a new town.
I first time I got pulled over [16] I pulled over on the opposite side of the road and got out of my car to pop my trunk to get my wallet out. HILARIOUS story.
Once upon a time I had the Grand Marshall's after me because I forgot I had Jury Duty. Not Funny, but Funny! I was 21 for goodness sake!
I love playing board games && card games!
I do not like HOT HOT weather. I prefer colder weather. [More like Fall]
I have 3 scrapbooks.
The color Brown is ALL over my house..
I sing loud and proud in the car.
Gardening is my NEW  thing to do. I actually LOVE it. Never say Never.
I believe that EVERYTHING really does happen for a reason, and the TRUTH always comes out!
I sleep bundled up in 3 blankets, the fan on HIGH with one foot poked out.
If I could sing ONE Karaoke Song... It would be Undo it by Carrie Underwood. I will one day.
I get bored very easily.
I love watching Lifetime on Sunday afternoons while laying on the couch.
I manikin shop. I do NOT like to look through bunches of random clothes.
I wear a size 8 shoe
I am Left Handed.
In High School, I was a Cheerleader, I played Tennis and ran Cross Country. GO REDSKINS!!!
I like Jersey Shore, The Bachelor[ette] & American Idol.
I write Thank You cards for everything.
I get a high off of buying Stationary.
I've never done drugs. [If you don't consider Alcohol a drug]
I moved out my parents house at 19, only to gain my Independence in my college years.
I always have a camera.
I love Sunglasses but they give me headaches if I wear them too long!
I am NOT and never have been a jealous person.].
I was a tomboy as a kid and grew boobs in the sixth grade! [YIKES]
I enjoy time by myself, although I rarely get it.
I use coupons!
I wash my clothes with Gain detergent & Clorox Bleach for colored clothes.
We already have our little girls name picked out. [Not Pregnant]
I bait my own hook when I go fishing with Aaron. WHEN
I go fishing, that is.
I don't care for scary movies.
Bad Breath is the BIGGEST turn away & I will remember forever if you're the victim.
Pink Lemonade is my favorite non-alcoholic drink.
I can NOT hold my breath for a long period of time.
My laugh is loud, and kind of sounds like Fran off of the Nanny. [Or so I've been told]
Scared to say this, but Never gotten a ticket and I've been pulled over four times & NOT because I've gotten someone to get me out of it. :D - I'm just good like that. [kidding]
I make my own Birthday Cards.
I get excited REALLY easy.
Not a big college football fan, but LOVE NFL. Go Patriots!!!
Ellen DeGeneres is AWESOME!
A fan of Jessica Simpson & always has been. I want her and Nick back together! Frown.
I read magazines end to beginning!
I love to eat black olives.
I was a cheerleader, played Tennis, and Ran Cross Country in High School. Go Redskins!
I like my bedroom to be 65 degrees when I go to bed.
I don't go to bed without Aaron.
I love to play Cornhole.
Movie Theatre popcorn is a MUST, even if we just ate.
I love BEEF Ramen Noodles.
Aaron calls me j or Snookums. My friends call me jess.
I've grown a love for poker.
My Brain will NOT comprehend how to drive a stick shift. I almost killed Aaron and myself when he tried to teach me. Somehow by making the hunting truck do a 360 and running it into his grandfathers house. Oops!
I'd trade my boobs for smaller hips any day of the week.
I think a man who smells good is a major turn on. Aaron hates Cologne. Frown.
My worst habit is interrupting, following right behind, biting my nails once they chip.
I don't like when people sweep my feet.
I have LARGE handwriting.
At home, I wear t-shirts & cheekies... I don't like pants.
I do not mind talking about sex. I am not bashful.
I match my panties and bras.
I read books on relationships. - EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!
Would LOVE to a stay at home Mom & a house wife. [like I said, I'm a Dreamer]
I'm good at keeping secrets, but I tell Aaron 98% of most things.
I wear sunglasses when I'm driving in the Rain. I can see MUCH better!
I faint over the sight of blood dripping or when  the human body is whacked up.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair being played with.
Pedicures, Body Massages, & facials is what I call relaxation. I could get it everyday.
I'm not into politics.
I would LOVE to take ballroom dance lessons.
I am me. I am Original. I am not scared to step outside of the box.

Thank you ALL again!
I hope you appreciate this as much as I appreciate you!
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Miss Jessica Lynn Arendes



Sheri said...

Great list! Hey I'm 5'2", love pink and have never done drugs. Actually a lot of things you had listed I was nodding over...pretty good considering I am 15 years older...

Anyway, don't trade your hourglass figure. Not many of us have them.

And LOVE the red hair.

Anonymous said...

Very Cute Blog.

I'm a new follower from Meet Me Monday.
Come see me at:

ash said...

LOVE it! How you came up with 150 things is beyond me, but I was totally agreeing with you on probably more than half of them :) Congrats on your followers! That's so exciting! Hope you have a great Monday!!

Anonymous said...

This is totally awesome! We seriously have so much in common! I have my cosmetology license & my P&C license, crazy huh?!? Congrats on your followers!

Marissa said...

So happy that you found my blog...your blog is super cute and that, tribute 150 post.. Adorable. You and your high school sweetheart, what a cute pair! I like your hair RED the best. My husband and I love jersey shore, we can't get enough! Ha! your dream of being a mother and housewife will come true soon enough :) New follower!!

Tiffany said...

LOVE all of these! I bet this was hard - I have a hard enough time coming up with 20. Lol!

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

okay. YOU and I have too much in common that it's a little scary. I have red wavy hair, blue eyes, love beef ramen noodles, sing nursery rhymes to my babies, LOVE CORNHOLE, pink is my favorite color, i love having, planning and going to parties, dancing is the bane of my existance,I'm an aunt to 6, My parents divorced when i was 10 months old, I hate dusting, I can eat a whole loaf a bread in one day, I've never broken a bone, friendships are so important to me, FAMILY FIRST ALWAYS, i collect earrings, gerbera daisies second favorite flower, cruising is the best kind of vaca out there. taco nite fajita night is my favorite, I cry watching some cartoons, my husband is my one true love, he's made for me and i fall in love all over with him all the time sometimes everyday!

i told you. i wasn't kidding. =)

Michelle Hoad said...

you are left handed, that explains it all.

MommyLovesStilettos said...

So cute! Love this idea!

What is a brick breaker date? LOL

Nicole said...

Congrats to you!! I remember being excited when I hit 100 followers too! Now I am getting closer and closer to 200 and I cant believe it!

Leah said...

Omg what an amazingly fabulous post :) I love all the photos... you spent soo much time on this one. Amazing! I can't wait for your blog carnival... so fun :)

Karen Mortensen said...

That was a very cute idea. You sound awesome. This is really wierd. I am twice your age and we seem so much the same. See- age doesn't matter at all. So glad we met.

♥Cait said...

Okkk, this is super freaky. I think we are unknown sister's or something. It is ridiculous the amount of stuff we have in common. Let's see: both lefty's, dusting is the one chore I always overlook, CHEETAH print is my clothing addiction, I swear I have undiagnosed A.D.D., Cliff & I are remodeling our home, I find something to cry about in every movie, pink is a favorite color, Bud Light is my beer of choice, 3 Muskateers are delicious, traveling to all the different countries is on my bucket list, my jewelry box consists on 95% "dangley" earrings, gerber daisies are my FAV, I never brush my hair...come to think of it, I don't even own a brush, our home does not have anything black, it's all brown, gardening is a new hobby for me as well, I DID NOT grow boobs in the 6th grade however! [haha!], I make my own birthday cards, I read magazines from back to front every. single. time!!! ....need I continue? hahahaa! How stinkin' crazy! I think Michelle Hoad said it all "you're left handed, that explains it all!".

Such a cute post! Congrats on the 150 followers! Whoop-whoop :)

Ohh, and sorry for the longest comment EVER!

Hazel said...

I am always changing my hair too! I never look like the same person in any of my photos, and sometimes I have to ask "Is that me?"

I am your newest FMBT follower! Would love for you to come visit me at my blog!

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