Monday, August 2, 2010

Lingerie Anyone?

Lingerie ... A Man's Best Friend!
For months now, I've been planning a Lingerie Shower for a friend of Mine, Brycelyn.
She's the Bride-to-Be I helped throw their Engagement Party for a few months ago.
So, I LOVE Lingerie and I love these kinds of showers, so I decided to share my love and shower
a friend with a fun, interesting, sexy party!

These were the HANDMADE Invitations
Consisted of two pieces
They took forever... but I was happy with the results
Invitation Words:
Bras, Panties, Satin or Lace
Anything Pretty
for  Jeremy to Chase
The Second part of the invitation
explained to please bring a pair of unwrapped panties to play the game
and then her sizes!

This was the Non-Alcoholic beverage area:
Diet Coke; Sprite; Coke
Coffee Anyone?
Homemade Chocolate Chip
Pop Tart Cookies [I made them up]
I chose to serve desserts specifically because desserts are Sexy!!!
Described from left to right - back to front;
Cookies & Cream Dessert
Chocolate Covers Strawberries
Peanut Butter Cups
Tie Dyed Oreo Balls
Vanilla Cupcakes [Letter B w/ a Diamond Ring]
Missing Chocolate Trifle
Raspberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate Chip Cookies & Pop Tart Cookies
& my hostess gift is in the middle!!!
Closer View of the Strawberries, Peanut Butter Cups, & Tie Dyed Oreo Balls
The Gift Table
In being appropriate, Sex on the Beach was served
To the left you see the Favor/Goody Bags are each lady who attended
and then Peanut Brittle & Sun Kiss Candies
[Missing Picture of my Wine Table]

Yes, These are Panties hanging from my Ceiling!!!!
You will find out why later!
I think Brycelyn was pretty excited! 
Candice, Kristie, and Bridget
Enjoying the tasty desserts!
First Game:
Pass the Teddy
If you've ever played Hot Potato,
the rules are just the same.
Music is played while the Sexy Teddy is being passed around.
When the music stops, the person holding the Teddy is out.
The last person holding the teddy....
Gets to Try the Teddy on for EVERYONE!
Only to go into the room, to find a BIG teddy bear waiting to be dressed!

Did you REALLY think I'd make someone try it on???
No way!
But, I sure did make them think that way!!!!
&& I must say, she was a bit nervous!
Second Game;
Each person draws a card but is not allowed to peek.
The Card is taped on their backs.
Everyone can see what the word[s] are & the Bride-to-be must act it out.
The person wearing the card must guess the correct word.
Then the next person goes!
Some of the word[s] I made up were;
Sex in the Shower [Which is what is being acted out in the first picture]
Big Boobs
Sex in the Car
Bed of Roses
Love Bites
Doggy Style

The Third Game-
Whose panties are these?
No way sicko... they aren't actually YOUR panties!
You buy ANY panties
Bring them to my house
Hang them up
and let Brycelyn guess who brought what!
If she guesses wrong, they are to be hung back up
only to try again later!
The Party turn out WONDERFUL!!!
She went home with TONS of beautiful items
and she had a wide range of variety!
Jeremy will be SUPER excited in exactly TWO MONTHS  today to see
his Bride with a new collection!


MommyLovesStilettos said...

LOL! Looks like so much fun!!!! :) You are the best hostess EVER!

ash said...

All the games were awesome!! So fun & I loved how they were different! Looks like you girls had SO much fun!

Ewa said...

Looks like you all had great time, and the strawberries looked delicious
Following from Mingle Monday
have a nice day

Mrs. Ma'am said...

Wow, that does look like a ton of fun! Great job on planning. The food looked fantastic. The games seemed like a ton of fun!! I would say a successful party it was.

Do you have a contact me area? I would like to see if you would be interested in guest blogging on my blog :)

♥Cait said...

Jess! You have got to be the best party planner EVER, ha! From the desserts, to the invitations, to all of the games, everything! It all looks SOO much fun. Very creative thinking!

Ali said...

No SERIOUSLY, you are amazing at these kinds of thing. You seem like so much fun! I love it.

lanni said...

hi! your blog is hilarious! i'm following you from the bloghop and would love for you to check us out at

great blog :)

Natalie said...

That looks like so much fun! My lingerie shower was my fave from all of my wedding parties, but it wasn't nearly this organized or cute. I'm def. going to steal your awesome ideas next time I'm asked to host.

Leslie said...

This is awesome! I found you on my blog hop thingie. This party looked like so much fun! SO many delicious things to eat!