Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Second Month

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10.3.11- 11.3.11

{remember this song...}

We had our first bicker our marriage. Over what? The depression on everything
not working in our house. Never thought we lived off of television so much UNTIL our TV blew up last month & then our internet went down. And then his parents BORROWED TV just... quit.

Celebrated the marriage of Lindsay & Timmy!
Yay! Love is in the air this year! 10.8.11

Came up with a new 3 year plan.
This is very exciting!!!

Went back to our hometown high school
homecoming football game. 10.7.11- I've never missed a year since graduation!
It's always nice to see old faces & teachers!

{me & rach}
{Finally} got all our Thank You notes finished
& sent out! Yay!

Had Candice & Daniel over on {10.4.11}
for a small birthday dinner! She's 25! Weddings over... I'm back to my normal!
Loved it. It was so nice!

{Finally} got my named legally changed
on 10.6.11. I'm legally a DREW.
That being said... is it bad that I hate the way my name looks?
Baaahhaha.. It's like to short or something? Before getting married I thought
it sounded great and I loved writing it but now it just looks completely odd to me.

Aaron & a few of the guys played in the Jenkins Boy Tournament
{Golf}. Let's just say the only thing they accomplished was getting emptying the cooler box... it happens every year! - Played poke that night and won $200!

Celebrated the Mr.'s 27th birthday! 10.10.10
I took him on a date to Outback Steakhouse, his favorite! GREAT date!
First time I was able to go to the 'husband' section of the birthday cards...
Yay!!! Came home to watch Austin Powers & play "words with friends"
for the following TWO HOURS! Yep! We're married!
We also celebrated with his parents the Tuesday after with a dinner
at Love's Seafood! It was de-LISH!
{no pictures. bad wife award}

{I} reached 400' followers! AWESOME!

Wife caught the flu. Husband came home...
two hours later... joined his wife with the flu.
worst nightmare ever.
can't imagine having a house full of kids to join us. YIKES!

Wife got PROMOTED!  {More infor to come later}
Husband is like a kid on Christmas morning about this news.

 Celebrated the marriage of Tiffany & Trey Wedding
 on 10.29.11! More Love to go around!

Celebrated Reid's {our nephew} 2nd birthday... Construction Site Style!

Trick or Treat{ed} at my parents house...
Not really. But kind of - I'll write a post.
{family tradition}. The kids were awesome. Getting SO big.
Costumes were a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!

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brlracincwgrl said...

Wow! What a busy/wonderful month! :).

Minus the flu, that is :). Congrats on your promotion!

Ashley said...

Congrats on the promotion! Sounds like you guys are having fun together, that's good!

Manda said...

Congrats on the promotion! and don't worry I've been married two years and still think my new name looks weird sometimes.

Carolyn said...

HAHA I think my married name looks strange too! :)

Congrats on the promotion!!

Allison said...

You've had a busy month! Congrats on the first month!

Amberly Enich said...

The first of many girlfriend! They only make you stronger! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow what a fun & busy 2nd month you all have had!
1st fight, shew there will be many more trust me. I've been married 13 year :)