Friday, January 27, 2012

boy, it's been too long.

Geez Louise! I'm missed all of you.
Not sure who has been messing with my website access in our I-T department
but they can sure as heck stop it!

So. Now that I'm completely off track & can't think about writing.
I figured I'd share what HAS taken the place of my breaks {aka blog time}
at work this week. Ohhh don't you worry. I've been just fine this week.
Stay tuned. You'll love it.

  All I gotta say.. is there are a lotta cool bloggers from TEXAS... but I learned a lot about the people from Houston, Texas.

Welcoming my favorite person I've never met:
The Ellen Show  

Round ONE-

Round TWO-

Round THREE-

 Now for something a little something different.
I about snorted way to many times watching these ladies...

Round ONE-

Round TWO-

Round THREE-
... will have to come later.
For some reason it's no where to be found.
When I find it... I promise to post it because this one chicks cracks me up... hysterically.

It's Inappropriate
Dear high school sweet heart,
The Good Girls get a shower


Anonymous said...

Haha love the Ellen segments!

Carolyn said...

Oh I love Ellen! :) And I have MISSED YOU! :)

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

i've been wondering wth u have been lol

Rochelle said...

I just watching Ellen!! haha This girl right here is a Houston, TX blogger as well :)

Lindsey said...

I LOVE watching Ellen. I DVR her everyday. My 17 month old watches her with me. Everytime the audience claps he stands at the TV and claps too!

Ashley said...

Hilarious! I love me some Ellen.I wish I could watch everyday. And those autocorrects did kind of remind me of my post about my friend =)

Rebecca said...

love me some ellen!