Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Year: 4 months!

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Crazy busy month for us full of holiday festivities!

12.3.11 - 1.3.11

 Celebrated a quarter of a year with dinner & cocktails
on 12.3.11 at the fancy shamancy Jalapenos.
Christmas Photo Shoot on 12.4.11.

Started my book study with a few other hometown
lady friends. It was great & extremely inspiring.
Book - The Politically Incorrect Wife

on 12.10.11 I attended our hometown Christmas parade while hubby went duck hunted with the guys. Then that evening hosted our annual Christmas Party -
Attended my work Christmas Party, Pure Romance Style
on 12.11.11 - Tis the Season to be Jolly.
 to Stephanie Young to always asks me about Pure Romance...
. I promise you I will have my answers out this week. Stayed tuned. It's interesting!

My 12.12.11 my man-child was having TOO.MUCH.FUN
{is there such a thing, not really!} with Frankie, our elf on the shelf.
"Where's he at... Where's he at?"

12.14.11 HOTT dinner date with my in-laws.
Not really. Okay really - it was a great time @ Miyabis Japanese Grill!

Christmas Party at Heather & Bretts new home
on 12.16.11 - we had a blast.

On 12.17.11 a Christmas party with my immediate family
at my parents house with all the kids. Best day yet!
Played 'Broke Christmas' & we received
a bread warmer & two Mickey Mouse Ponchos!

 12.23.11 -
had dinner with Aaron side of the family, at Grame' & Daa's.
Wonderful night with the family!

12.24.11 Christmas Eve-
Aaron and I woke up & exchanged gifts as if it were
Christmas morning. Ate Mommas famous cranberry bread & watched the ELF.
 What a wonderful first Christmas it was.
12.25.11 -Our First Christmas Married
By far the busiest Christmas day EVER!
But it was really great.

12.31.11 - Brought in the New Year with a large group of
friends at the DeLoachs annual gathering.

1.1.12 - New Years Day was a lazy one!
Pjs ALL.DAY.LONG with a little TV &
ended the night with Super Mario Brothers 3 on the Nintendo!
Great way to start 2012!


Sarah said...

wow! you have been a busy girl :)

Cristie Young said...

I love how busy you are! It makes the memories great, and the days go by fast

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

lol.. :) thanks gal!! ur a busy woman!!