Friday, January 6, 2012

ROAD TRIP with a litle sex talk.

I'm headed out for the big city of Atlanta, Georgia.
Tomorrow. First thing.
Ohh, It can't come fast enough. Even though it IS work related bummer we do plan to make the trip for what it's worth and pack up and head there a day earlier than we need to be. I mean ya just can't go to Atlanta with a group of ladies without a little fun, right?
That's what I was trying to explain to the hubby.

Oh wait - Have I mentioned it's for the second company I work for 
Pure Romance? YES, How fun?  So much! Let me explain.

You have no idea how much fun this company {& job} is. I have a blast being a consultant & it's worth giving up spare time. The money is there!  Sunday we will be in training & classes ALL.DAY.LONG! I won't say I'm completely dreading because I am excited to see what's in store & coming soon for our company however,  it could be a dreadful eight hours. I really hope they provide us good food. Bahaha! Eight hours is a LONG time especially to have to drive back {4 hours} and prepare for another work week with my big girl job. There are five of us coming from Savannah, including me & I really love these ladies. So much fun to be around - A lot of energy & good times ahead.

I've had a lot of bloggers ask me what exactly Pure Romance is?
Well - to keep away from awkward typing talk just go to our website & check it out.
 Our job is to Educate, Entertain, & Empower woman! I like to say "Keeping the O in rOmance!" Still don't get it? Okay, it's KINDOF like selling Mary Kay or Willow House {In-Home Parties} Only it's everything plus some about sex. Most of the time when people think of these kinds of parties they misjudge you. They automatically think toys & objects that one considers freakish. Those are the people who need to come see me the most. However it isn't just toys - It's everything a woman {& man} need to help spice it up a little. We even sell make-up & facial cleanser. Boring.

Moving along.

  Go online {here}, find a consultant closest to you & host a party. It costs $0 and quite entertaining. Your girl friends will LOVE it. Amen sista!
You'll thank me later.

So, not only do I sell Insurance...
I sell a lot more interesting things than you may ever think of.

The End!


Carolyn said...

HAHA! Love this! :) Have fun this weekend!

Carrie said...

I have been wanting to have one of these parties for a long time! Sounds like so much fun!

lori said...

haha! the next time I'm in savannah (a common spot for our bachelorette parties for my friends) i'll have to give you a holla.

Amberly Enich said...

I love Pure Romance parties! They're so much fun!

My*Neck*Of*the*Woods said...

I have been wanting to do one of the parties... I think I will look into doing one! They sound fun!


Jessica said...

oh wow! I was in Atlanta all day today for a Willow House convention. It was super fun and it was a long eight hours but they provided lunch and door prizes, plus all the excitment of the trip to win! Hope your convention goes as well as mine did today!

Cristie Young said...

I LOVE Pure Romance! How fun that you are a consultant :)

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...


Ashley said...

i've totally heard of this - and il ove that you sell insurance by day and spicy things by night ;) haha

did you LOVE Atlanta? what all did you do while you were here?

dottie said...

I love these parties! Laughing, wine, friends and sex talk. Doesn't get better!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! You gave me the perfect idea for my girlfriends bachelorette party...she told me no Chippendales and well its not a bachelorette party unless something naughty is involved! So thank you!