Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, 2012!!!

First post of the year!
Another year has come & gone!
New Years mean new beginnings and I am just over joyed to see what lies ahead.
I hope it's just as wonderful as 2011 , however I would love for it to slow down just a little. 2011 was insanely busy and went by WAY.TO.FAST!

New Years always makes me think of the phrase Out with the Old, in with the New - which brings us to the topic of my new years

I'll be honest with you. Don't take my new years resolution serious because
really... I never follow through. In fact, I had to look up my resolution from last year if that tells ya anything.  But what's exciting is a lot of those did happen to come true. We paid off debt to where we are almost debt free {almost meaning extremely close} & I got healthier... for the wedding however I've managed to pack a few of those horrible pounds back on. My third resolution was to shop less.. BAH! I don't know how it's possible to shop less when you plan a wedding and have a trillion events to attend. Impossible. BUT - at least I did that AND paid debt off! Yippie!

I'm getting side tracked - A.D.D. I'm getting to it. I swear.

I have a whole new outlook on my 
 this year & by golly I'm pretty excited about it. The things I have on my list this year are  more of a resolution for how I want the rest of the years to look ahead.

Start making weekly dinner menu's & grocery shop by the week.
This is something I REALLY want. I think it'll help a lot and I won't feel so overwhelmed when I get home. Routine.Routine.Routine!

♥  Get up before Aaron gets up to start our day of right.
This was something I wanted to do as a "WIFE" and I mastered it for a total of two weeks.
Which happened to be a really great two weeks - I loved it. So this too, is something I REALLY want to work on.

Organize my house. My gosh - I am the messiest person ever.
Every day I appreciate my mother more and more. I'm a clean person however I'm pretty messy. I've realized I'm almost I don't want to admit it a hoarder. Labels, baskets, whatever it takes for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g in our home to have a spot. If I don't use it... get rid of it.

♥  Exercise. HA! {like make it a routine. not just one day}
This happens to be on my list every year, every month & everyday. However I never commit to it. I don't want to become a freak about it but I really want to do this for me.
Goal - Run a 5K this year.

♥  Keep my car cleaned.
Whoa! This is going to be a tough one. I'm not sure how, what, or WHY this seems so hard for me but really it is. My car isn't dirty - it's just a mess. I have this thing where I never take anything back into the house I just leave it in the car which leads to a mess. It drives me crazy, really.

Shave my legs every day. 

last but no where near least - pray more.
I pray a lot but shamefully I'll admit I'm the one who prays the most when things aren't always how I want them. I want to pray because life is good & because we are living.

So. Whadja think? Think I can do it? Of course! What's YOUR resolution{s}?


Sarah said...

Oh...keep my car clean....that's a good one!!

Carly Ann said...

One of my resolutions is to be able to run a 5k too!

Ashley said...

I'm so guilty of having a messy car. My goal for today was to get it cleaned out. My trunk looks like an episode of Hoarders minus any dead animals. So far I'm failing =)
And I've been wanting to do a 5k as well so not too long ago I downloaded the Couch to 5k app on my phone. I have to have a structured plan or I'll never make it!
Happy 2012. Hope it's great!

lori said...

this is the best resolution list i have seen... i actually have a couple of similar ones. a 5k is definitely on my list. i downloaded an app on my phone and I'm starting tomorrow! and I'm trying to meal plan, too. a structured meal plan and grocery trip really help me stay on point with my goals to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, too!

all on your list are totally do-able. i love that you want to get up at the same time with your man.

good luck and happy new year :)

Carolyn said...

OHMYGOSH. We have pretty much the same list. Except for the shaving my legs. But I should probably that. The hubs would thank you. haha!

Lindsey said...

Oh Jess! You keep it real! These are so great! I'm horrible about resolutions. Gotta make a resolution to stick to my resolutions! :)

Ashley said...

i freaking love that "shave your legs everyday" is a resolution. ha! this is the best! you are going to rock each of these i just know it!

kristen said...

You have really good resolutions!!

I think I may just use your list!! hahaha!

Happy New year!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

absolutely love the blog doll!

lovely work!

follow eachother?


Marjorie said...

great goals! i really need to shave my legs more often too :0