Monday, January 16, 2012

Show me your goodies: Accessory Swap!

Good Morning Accessory Swap Participants!!
I'm so happy this morning to FINALLY see what everyone was gifted with. I had a blast hosting this swap and think I may do it more often... whatcha think?
Would you join in again? 

I'm super excited to share what my sweet friend, Dayna Leigh from A Bama Belle & a Bucket List  so graciously bought me. She pretty much spoiled me rotten, not kidding. First, let me introduce Dayna. She is a beautiful brunette who loves fitness, dressing up, drinking wine & hands down a huge football fan, ROLL TIDE. Not to mention she's a southern. I sure wish we lived closer, we'd get along great! {better than we do over the blog world, of course}  Dayna's blog is always interesting to read so hop over to the Bama' Belle's blog and give her some love.

 A Bama Belle and A Bucket List

Okay okay...
now for the accessories.
Last Thursday I was just getting home from work and saw a box on my front porch with MY name on it waiting so patiently for me to open. I had so much to do that day but everything stopped & excitment ROLLED in.
I quickly open it as if it were Christmas morning & see this...

... with or without the accessories I would have been in heaven. One thing you may or may not know about me is I LOVE anything to do with stationary or wrapping.
Dayna made this gift opening SO.MUCH.FUN.
Here's why?

Fun already, right? I thought so too.

Love it! So me.

 & then I saw this

Dayna, your wrapping excited me ALMOST as much as my goodies.

{please excuse my chipped nail polish. Don't judge.}

Was I NOT spoiled?

Thank you Dayna for not only picking out some really great accessories but
being my wonderful partner! You're awesome!

Okay, NOW if you are in this swap PLEASE make sure to link up using the URL
code for JUST your show off post, not your entire blog. I want to be able to check out everyones goodies & not have to search for it. I'm sure I am speaking for everyone else too. Please & THank you!

& Thank you ALL for signing up for this swap. I really enjoyed hosting it & if you are interested in more swaps comment me and let me know. I'd be more than happy to put them together!

Now link up!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that super sweet shout out! You're the best ever!! I'm so glad you loved everything, it was so much fun being your partner :D

Cristie Young said...

Thanks so much again for this accessory blog swap. You should definitely do it again. It is fun buying accessories, but so much better when you get to give & get!


Have a great day,


Amy Powell said...

you got some cute stuff!!

thanks so much for hosting!

Ashley B. said...

Cute Stuff!!! She did a great job!!

Thanks for hosting the Swap, it was soo much fun!! Can't wait for another!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! I am interested in participating if you do it again!

Anonymous said...
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Meg {henninglove} said...

you got paired with dayna?? love her! wow her packaging is so cute. and i love that long necklace she got you. what is the name of the essie color she got you?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the necklaces you got!! Thanks for hosting a swap!

lori said...

love those fringe style necklaces!! SOOOO cute. thanks for hosting! such a fun swap :)