Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Bachelor: Cheesy First Impressions

Maybe you are new to my blog, maybe you aren't either way you will
see that in the past two years I've become really hooked on his show.
This seasons Bachelor is Ben Flajnik - the runner up {who got down on his knee and proposed to Ashley and was rejected} on last years Bachelorette!
I liked Ben. I think he is a doll.

I've been counting down the days {like no joke} since it was announced on TV when the first show would aire....
whiiiiich was last night. Enough with the yaddi yaddi ya...


There we {my hubby & I} were at 8:00 sharp - Spaghetti Dinner all set up on the coffee table in the living room ready for the show....

Okay, Did you watch it? So you are with me on the 'Cheesy First Impressions'?
I mean golly geez, if I were about to meet a guy who can possibly be the love of my life -
I do not want to start off
A} Running to him as soon as I get out of the Limo
B}Write a poem that says "Don't make fun of my butt chin dimple"
C} Hand Sanitizer & spraying breathe mints in my mouth
D} Bring my grand mother along... who also had more conversation with
the Bachelor than I did. Right? Right!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about...
Let me just introduce you to a few of the CrAzIeS that I saw last night.
Before I do let me just remind you in case you didn't really know
Girls are just awful & can be SO mean.

Ericka  studys Law & woed him with
"Verdict is in and you are guilty...of being sexy."
Okay not horrible compared to the other lines - but still... hold for later.
Ericka was given a rose.

Amber - Nurse
"My last name is Bacon...do you want a little taste?"
Do what? Really, you are trying to find your husband. Sex is important in a relationship {marriage} but I would NOT want my first impression to be a sex appeal. I sure hope there is more to her {like eating cow balls SERIOUSLY NO JOKE} than wanting to taste bacon because its my last name because I'm Canadian. Weirdo. I thought she seemed pretty cool in her video - but this is why she went home. Knowing Ben from last year, he is sensitive not a horny toad. Geez ma-nitty!

Jenna - New York Blogger
Okay I was REALLY excited about her. Even Aaron got over excited when "blogger" showed up under her name however - This girl was a basket case! One thing I do NOT understand about this show whether it's the Bachelor or Bachelorette is how they get SO upset when they leave before even knowing who the
main catch really is. What if there is not connection for you. right? I mean I get it. It would be embarrassing.  - This girl is definitely gonna be a star of the show - I mean like Drama wise.
Jenna was given a rose but I truly think she's here to stay for the show.

Courtney ... the model.
I'm not digging her. I hate cockiness. Well will see  more of her later.

Emily, a PhD student seemed good BUT
 she is the one who hand sanitized his hands & sprayed breath mint spray in his mouth
&&& gave him the first kiss. I don't dislike her but I think she'll stick around.
Even though I was so embarrassed for her & found myself ready for it to end, her rap song to him
was pretty good. Then again, cheesy on the first night of meeting ANYONE.
Emily was given a rose.

Samantha tried to rule him in by wearing her pageant sash to a pageant that nobody has heard of.
It MAY be different if it's like Miss Georgia or Miss Universe but Miss Pacific Palisades? What is that?
Lame! However, Ben liked it  because she too was given a rose.

Holly, who reminds me of a faker Emily wasn't so bad but REALLY
could have lost the Hat. I mean I get it. You are from Kentucky but really... he couldn't even hug you OR see you face. Hello! Other than that, she wasn't bad.
I can't really remember but I think Holly stayed & was given a rose.
Holly sitting with Bacon girl.

Aaron seems to think Blakeley, the "VIP Cocktail Waitress" is a stripper.
It convinced him more when she pretty much let boring pony tail like rape her with her eyes & words.
Blakeley was given a rose.

Speaking of ponytail lady, Monica.
First thing she has to say to Ben is "I miss my dog." Really?
But then it explained it because I really think she is there for the wrong reasons.
And just because I have to say it... Why would you really wear your hair in a slick back ponytail.
Nothing stylish about it. Cute dress, bad hair!
She stayed - Ben must have liked it.

Okay now... Brittney,  she brought her Grandmother with her to woe Ben.
Come on! Just because he is a family man... really? Grandma? I mean sad to say - but all Aaron and I could say about that is wonder how Grandma was taking all the judgement and harsh words from the other ladies as she watched herself on TV last night. I mean, Grandma & Ben had more convo than Brittney did.
However, she was given a rose.

I knew the girl from London was going home. She was sweet but full of energy. I'm hyperactive but I could hardly keep up with her. And her poem to Ben about herself... Don't point out your flaws within 5 minutes of meeting the Bachelor. "Don't make fun of my butt chin dimple" - really.
Yes, she went home.

How about the girl who got out of the limo AND SAID NOTHING.
Seriously. Why would you just walk past him & not say anything.
I sure hope you didn't wonder why you weren't given a rose . Here's your sign!

The last two I wanna discuss are the two I really liked:

Lindzi, who happened to be my FIRST like {judging off looks} when the ladies were first announced. who rode up on a horse. Okay, a little weird & cheesy but as soon as she got off -
I liked her. Well, I liked her in her video - speaking of that, how about that text from her Ex boyfriend - how HORRIBLE. Wow! Anyway, I liked her a lot from the start minus the horse.
Lindzi was given the first impression rose!

& Jamie, the one who adopted her siblings because of a rough past. She didn't go into cheesy lines or make a fool of herself when first meeting Ben. She walked gracefully, smiled & introduced herself. Normal.  Ben also gave her a rose. Yay!

Where is the drama:

both annoying already.


Sarah said...

I like those last 2 as well...the others....crazy!!

Carolyn said...

Dang it! I am also a Bachelor and Bachelorette) addict too. But I wasn't too excited about this season. I was planning on trying to not watch it, but everyone's tweets last night made me wish I had given it a shot! Here's hoping my DVR remembers my addiction. HAHA

brynn said...

i love this!
i didn't watch last night... i just wasn't as excited as i have been for previous seasons, but you just made me want to watch it!

Ashley said...

Mostly agreed!! Check out my view points on my blog!! We should make a link up! haha! This season looks like DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!

kristen said...

I havent watched it yet but its recorded for tonight and I cannot wait!!!

I too and addicted to the Bachelor!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I'm a huge Bachelor fan and have watched every season! During the whole show I kept think how awkward! Seriously worst first episode! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to watch the whole season after the spoilers I heard though!

Anonymous said...

Uh..I can't bring myself to watch it anymore. The show is ruined for me. I heard a lot of horror stories about the girl from Nebraska. I'm embarrassed and promise you we are not all like that.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you.
I'm pretty excited about this season. I didn't think Ben was cute at first, but he grew on me by the end of the episode.
I think this season is gonna be filled with more drama than Brad's season was.
I don't care too much for watching the bachelorette. But man I can get into the Bachelor!!
Great recap for those who missed it

Ashley B. said...

Haha I totally agree i thought the whole thing was sooo SCRIPTED... didn't seam natural at all!!! It honestly lost my interest REALLY quick... I am not sure if i am gonna stay tuned this season if its all like last night!! Love the post :)

Nicole said...

I agree...there seemed to be a whole lot of crazy in this round! These chicks are nuts! I really liked Lindzi...she seemed like the only genuine one to me.

amanda persinger said...

I was bummed about the blogger too! she was Extremely nervous...it made me nervous just watching her!

Pamela said...

Oh gah, this season is def going to be interesting!! At first, he was really awkard but by the end of the episode he was opening up a little. I'm not too crazy over Ben though! I wasn't last season either :/ We'll see, ha!

Lindsi said...

I didn't get to see the rose ceremony, but I have it recorded. I totally agree with you on the corny introductions! Horrrrrrible! Do you ever wonder where they find all these crazies?! It makes me feel super normal :) What happened to the cute little nurse girl from Tennessee? She had on the silver sparkly short dress.

Rebecca said...

I love the bachelor! haha my guy friend (hes not gay hes gf made him watch it) called me and was like omg holly is your twin! sadly I dont think she stayed, the hat did it!

Amberly Enich said...

I agree with all of this! And Lindzi and Jamie are my favorites too!!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Alot of those girls are already getting on my last nerve & the sad part is the fact that the season just started :(

lori said...

i completely AGREE!!! the first impressions were awful. i think jamie was the only one who didn't do something weird or cheesy. she is my favorite and lindzi is my second fave.

i was SO disappointed in jenna. my hubs got excited she was a blogger, too! haha! but sista is a nut job. i hope she can get it together since she's sticking around... but it doesn't look promising in the previews for the coming weeks ;)

i dislike courtney (the model) and the pageant girl very much. so conceited. did you see kelly ripa making fun of courtney this morning? it was funny.

i see someone suggested doing a link up. i'd participate. or cohost. just saying.

Page Twenty-Two said...

I'm a HUGE bachelor/bachelorette fan! Some of those first impressions were tough to watch! I was so embarrassed FOR those girls! Especially the one who punched him in the arm as she walked in! ugh:/ Excited to read your posts on the show!

Stephanie said...

OMG I was glued (did I say GLUED) to the TV monday night. Seriously...Bach always make my Monday's worth while.

SO many crazies on this season!! I'm EXCITEDDD!!!!

Dani said...

I know a girl like Jenna and she's literally bonkers, so it's almost painful to watch her break down (although I have to admit, it makes for good TV). Also, Jamie and Lindzi were my favorite too!!!