Friday, January 13, 2012

If you are reading this...

 then I ask you to stop what you are doing &

Peace for a sweet little boy, Tripp Roth.

I do not ask that you read his story today, because I'd rather you use your
time to stop and pray for him. His amazing mother, Courtney
mentioned that she feels his life on earth is coming to an end soon but knows he will be rejoiced in heavens with our God almighty where there is no harm or pain. Tripp is incredibly strong & battling the worst disease I could ever imagine.
Most people haven't ever heard of it {including myself} until they've read his story.
Courtney shares his excruciating story in hopes to one day someone being able to maintain this disease or find a cure.

Tripp is so strong, stronger than most men I know.
He absolutely loves Elmo with all his heart. Courtney says Elmo is Tripp's best friend. He holds Elmo in his hand day in & out up until a few days ago.  Elmo even wrote his own song just for his biggest fan!
Tripp has the most incredible talent that I have ever seen. He brings a smile to my face and so much joy to my heart, he plays the drums. Watch him play

Friends, I ask for your prayers to make Tripp as comfortable as possible.
As his mother asks, 

Thank you.

All of these pictures are pictures captured from
"Ebing" A Mommy, Courtney's blog.


Pink and Green Moms said...

Thank you for posting this. I had not heard of Tripp or EB. Praying for peace and comfort for sweet Tripp and his amazing family.

lori said...

thanks for posting. my husband actually has EB- a much more simple form of it than Tripp. his hands and feet blister with friction, but it is nothing close to the extent of tripp's case. i will be praying for courtney and tripp.

dottie said...

I've been following Courtney and precious Tripp. Sweet Angel is pain free now. My heart breaks for her!

Anngela said...

I follow Tripp's story as well--I was so sad for Courtney after checking in with them this weekend...but Tripp will be much happier now and pain-free while drumming! :)