Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Honeymoon!

I wish!

Not really but kind of.
 HELLO vacation!

I know. You haven't seen my honeymoon because I've YET to write a post about it.
Sorry. Forgive me?  I kind of got burned out with all my wedding posts but plan to jump back on the band wagon soon. I promise.

Mmmm- K?
 Alright. Enough of wedding talk. 
back to vacation.

In just 71 days, Aaron and I along with whoever else wants to go
will be sailing away to go see this...

{took this picture from our balcony on our honeymoon}

and this too...

or maybe this

or doing this

Oh my goodnes, I'll be so nervous but want so badly to do this...

To be honest, the Bahamas is a little boring compared to
other ports only because there is limited to do. It isn't as impressive as I always dreamed it would be. Aaron has been cruising since age five so he has been here A.LOT! Me, I think this will be my fourth time to the Bahamas. 
 We've snorkeled, seen the Atlantis Hotel, attended the Beach Parties, swam with dolphins, fished & partied our hineys off in Senor Frogs!

But it's still vacation. It's still a trip away from everything.
It's still a cruise and that my friends... we love.
You can never go wrong.

Unless you were on the ship that the stupid captain decided to run into a sandbar
and tip over.
HeLLo dumbass.

Never cruised? You should. Amazing!
We are BOTH extremely ready to whore around the casino table...
not whore as in "excuse me bartender my room is 701". Whore as in
gimmie all yo moneeey!

We LOVE Roulette.
 Love it.
My husband is a little more aggressive than I am. He uses whips!

Totally kidding.
 But yeah, he is definitely more of the gambler.
I WILL say that I was the one who took home the $$$ from the honeymoon.

ohhhh... I am so ready.
April 19th - I'm ready for you.

The End.


dottie said...

FUN!! We are going to FL March 30th. I need warmth on my pasty skin. Stat.

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

We just went to Nasau in December & loved it! Cruises are the best & Senor Frogs is a must do!

Michelle P said...

I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

oh i love the bahamas...especially atlantis!

Carolyn said...

FUN! I was just talking to Jake about how we need to start planning our next trip! :)

Aimee L said...

I had SOOO much fun when I stayed at Atlantis...but I'm like you in that I crave adventure on vacation! I totally would go back to Atlantis but not anytime soon...maybe in a few years when I've gotten a few of those other islands checked off my list! :)

Faith said...

so fun! and exciting!

we love Roulette too! we are going to be doing some of that this weekend and i cannot wait!! so excited!

i've never been on a cruise. hopefully one day.

Morgan Neal said...

Your so cute in your hat & swim suit! Hope you have fun!

Ashley said...

100% jealous! Too bad for me I spend most of my vacations going to visit my sister & that bia is moving to Alaska. I guess I'll be moose hunting and getting attacked by bears. Yay.

Seriously though, have fun! Who doesn't need some beach time in their life?!

Sarah said...

Jealous!! I love going on cruises....ya'll are going to have a blast!

SimplyHeather said...

How exciting! I've never been on a cruise. But I heard there lots and lots of fun! One day though one day! You're going to have such a good time.

Emily said...

I LOVE going on cruises...I've yet to get my hubs on one though. One day!

Dawn said...

Sounds like fun. I have always wanted to go on a cruise.