Wednesday, February 15, 2012

important decisions.

So. Since I mentioned changing my blog name recently, my mind has not
let me rest on a new title. I've been contemplating over and over and until today...
well I can't really say I've got nothing but hopefully.
I need your help. Will you? Please?
Okay good.

Here is a conversation between my hubby and myself yesterday.
Take a look.

Clearly I knew Busy Love wasn't "getting somewhere"
but I had to keep his attention and make him feel like he was doing great.

Moving right along.

and he didn't.
I knew he was done.

Lame right?
I thought so too.

Only for a little while. He gave me something to work with.
Clearly "Busy Love" or "Bipolar Busy Love" was not okay with me.
Nor did it sound half decent.

But...  it was the start of something.
Therefore I turned over to my facebook account and asked my lovely friends to
come up with a more creative word for "Busy".

Wow! They got really creative.
I loved them all however it didn't bring me to another thought.
 when talking with a friend in a random conversation I said something that
I say all the time in a happy moment or exciting moment.
I said "that's CraZy AmaZing.
Instantly it brought me to an idea I really liked for my blog title.
Also, I thought you can substitute {Busy} for CraZy & {Love} for AmaZing.

I thought so too.

Then when I was brought back to the computer I did something
that totally messed me up.
I went to the thesaurus on computer and entered busy.
It gave me all kinds of  ideas that I really liked.
Which means they lead me to a million things that brought me in all different directions.. So here is where YOU come in.
I need YOU to help me decide & make a decision.

Clear your mind and help pick. I already have my favorites but with your help
I can make my mind up. Maybe. Hopefully.
They are in no kind of order.

So I need two things from you -

Your choice of blog title
Why you chose that one

Here we go:

{OR do I keep it the same }

and just to clear things up...
i am not bipolar and have no personality traits around being bipolar.
my husband always says that in a conversation something like this:


Wife: What we doing this weekend? Do we have set plans?
Husband: I was thinking we could go ________. {left blank so I don't get busted.}
 Wife: {in my winey voice} ahhhh, we do we have to do there? I don't wanna go.
Husband: .... no response.

Ten minutes later
Wife thinks about it not being THAT bad of an idea.
Guilty conscience works me every time.

Wife: Alright, it's okay if we go _______. 

And that my bloggers is why he calls me bipolar.
Because one minute I am not okay with something and the next {AFTER my conscience works me over} I'm okay. {But really, my true feelings always come out first.}



Mrs. Robinson said...

Well..I think that Unzipped & Tied up sound naughty. Sorry, that's the first place my mind went, & I wanted to be honest! :)

I really love the title you use now, but I'm thinking that maybe out of the choices you listed I'm feeling Behind Closed Doors the most. It's just not as original as "Stilettos & a fishing pole." I LOVE how original your title is - keep working! You'll come up with something perfectly fitting! :)

★ JASMINE ★ {Barbie-Bombshell} said...

crazyamazing flows right off the tongue! it's short and sweet, yet right to the point. there's my vote!


Mallory said...

I like Crazy Amazing! Because it's something you actually say in real life and goes with what you talk about, you crazy amazing life:)

besides, Unzipped and Behind Closed Doors sound like they mean something else....of the naughty variety! :P

You should come over and check out my giveaway if you get the chance:)

Ashley said...

I like your current name the best - I find it catchy and it draws the reader in. Some of the others do sound a bit naughty like the unzipped, behind closed doors and tied up

Ashley said...

I'm feeling "Crazy Amazing" the most. Probably because I'm always using phrases like that. And I don't mind the other 'naughty' titles...I mean you are a Pure Romance girl ;)

Morgan Neal said...

I love your original name! He still loves to fish & it's just do cute! It immediately made me want to read when I first saw the name! :)

Bonnie-Lynn said...

I like in a nutshell but i have to point out something.

People seem to have no clue what bipolar actually is, you are the 2nd person in a week to refer to it in the same reference but it has NOTHING to do with changing ones mind.

Bipolar is extreme highs followed by extreme lows, usually lasting months. Changing ones mind & mood swings are no where close to the same at all.

Carolyn said...

I have to say... your current name is my favorite. But if I'm picking a new one... I pick either Simply Together or Crazy Amazing. :)

Nicole said...

I love your current name. When I first found you blog & saw the name, I knew you were a cool chick and I def wanted to follow. Your husband sounds just like mine, haha ;)

Nicole said...

your* gah....

Fash Boulevard said...

I really like "In a nutshell" simple and chic. amazing post, love. if you get a sec I have a fabulous giveaway valued at $634.50 that I'd love for you to enter. xo

Stormy said...

I love Crazy Amazing by Stilettos & A Fishing Pole is great too! w

Faith said...

i think your name is perfect now ... but if i had to choose it would be crazy amazing.

Jenna said...

I really love the title you have now.

Breanna said...

Call me crazy...but I really like Busy Love! :)

lori said...

your current name is probably my favorite. i like that its different and already tells the readers something about you, ya know? its so unique and original- definitely stands out!

ps. im meeting up with another athens blogger this week- i think we definitely need to get on a georgia meet up soon!!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I love seeing your train of thought- you are too funny :)

I love Crazy Amazing- unique and fun
but I do love your current blog title too!

dottie said...

Love your blog title now. BUT I also am digging Crazy Amazing.

Kristen479 said...

stilettos & a fishing pole just seems to completly suit the two of you! It's super original too! I absolutely love the name you use now and wouldn't change it.

Erin said...

I think your blog title NOW is super cute, but I like the idea of "Crazy Amazing" too :) Since it's something you say and it flows!! I'm been thinking of changing mine too so thanks for inspiring me to start brainstorming :)

~Dawn~ said...

I am SO glad to see that most of your commentors love your original title. It's totally unique and fits you and Aarons personalities and relationship to a "T". My opinion is to leave it alone - it's great!! If you'd ask me {without having read your blog} what I'd prefer to read a blog called "Crazy Amazing" or a one called "Stilettos and a Fishing Pole", I'd definitley chose the 2nd option. It draws me in and I can already get a sense of what your blog is all about! Either way, tho, I love your blog and I'll keep reading! ;)

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

Holly said...

Stilletos & a Fishing Pole is my favorite. It drew me in instantly & apparently a lot of your other readers too :)

Holly said...

Stilletos & a Fishing Pole is my favorite. It drew me in instantly & apparently a lot of your other readers too :)

Stephenie said...

keep it the same! I love it and it is unique as it is!

Lindsay Nicole said...

I really like what it is now! Seriously!!! Ps... LOVE the new header. -Lindsay

PS... Hope you enter my AWESOME giveaway!!

Pamela said...

I love Crazy Amazing & the title that you have now :) It's so adorable & fits you two!

Cindy said...

Going along with Crazy Amazing...what about "Crazy Amazing in Love"?

and I love your blog name now. :)

Chelsie Jean said...

Jess! Don't change it! I love Stilettos & a fishing pole. It just fits you both so well!

Marian said...

I say stick with your current. I'm a fan of it as well!! Though the "Busy Love" made me laugh too;)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ok, you know I absolutely LOOOOVE you and ADORE you, but some of these titles sound sexual/naughty! Ha! I swear I am not a priude or anything like that! Or maybe I just have my mind in the gutter....all the time! LOL!

I like your name you currently have ... I like Savannah Smiles ... I like Simply Together ... I like In a Nut Shell

Let me know what you decide!! Are you going to get your blog redone?! My friend Lauren is awesome and will totally hook ya up!!!

Have a great weekend! My parents may be heading down for St. Patrick's Day weekend {again} ... I'll let you know if they go! I know they'd love to stop by and say hello!! Ha! I swear they are normal!