Saturday, February 11, 2012

help name it.

Thank you ALL for your amazing words of encouragement on my a wife struggles post yesterday. Believe it or not, you all made me feel sane with your struggles of the same thing. I'm normal! I AM NORMAL! Whoo-hoo!!! Big smile.

Okay so moving forward.

Along with my post shared yesterday - my changes...
I'm also going to make a change in my life on the blog.
I've contemplated whether or not to change my blog title.
I've come to conclusion I am going to.

Stilettos & a fishing pole has been fun.
It will always stand for Me{Stilettos} & Aaron {the fisherman}.
That is who we are. Clearly I am not a shoe - I guess I should say that is our icons.
However we are are a lot more to that.

Stilettos & a fishing pole came from defining who we were at the time I started blogging.
Which was March 2010.
 At that moment in our lives we were understanding our differences and learning to live as opposites. It's always been a huge laugh among our two families on our differences.

Since 2010 we have more to offer now.
So there is where you come in.
It took me a very long time to pick a blog title and be happy with it therefore I need some ideas.

Throw anything out there.
 One, two, or a few. Throw words if you can't think of a title.

& of course something that stands for me & who I am.

Okay, so go now...
give it to me
 {baby. uh-Huh uh-Huh!}


Kodi said...

Simply Together.

Since both of y'all have a lot of differences, you both are just Simply Together:)

lori said...

im sorry, but i have no suggestions... im terrible at coming up with ideas. but what i did was posted on facebook for suggestions from people who knew me really well, and thats where i got mine. maybe you should try that?

Teenage Bride said...

oh wow renaming is tough... now that I am 21 ... I am rethinking my blog title as well

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I like Kodi's suggestion of Simply Together.

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Savannah Smiles? Talks about where y'all live and smiles - well, duh!

I also like Simply Together!

You should work with my friend Lauren for a new design!!

Lauren said...

I'm thinking something about discovery of yourself. After following your blog for a little while you can tell your some one who like improvement. And finding your balance with your hubby. So..don't know if that helps but there ya go!

I'm actually have been thinking about my blog title as well... thinking and thinking. Its hard to decide!