Friday, February 3, 2012


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01.03.12 - 02.03.12
easy month filled with a lot of relaxation & QT.

Brought in the New Year, 2012 with a group of wonderful friends,
celebrating at the DeLoachs house!
Ending the night with a water bust - 15 minutes after 12:00
our good friend went in labor with her twins.

January 2nd started our Monday night ritual
with The Bachelor.

The world gained two beautiful girls, Chloe & Cale Good
on January 4, 2012. Healthy & Happy!
Had a wonderful day together in Savannah on 01.05.12 - ending with a good dinner date,
Ice Skating & Lovin Spoons.
Husband spent the weekend of 01.07.12 fishing in a tournament with
his good friend, Michael while wife-ette spent the weekend in Atlanta
with her Pure Romance ladies.
Co-hosted a baby shower for Shanna & the girls on Jan01.21.12

Met The Good Girls for the first time on 01.29.12

Random: Husband organized his shed throughout the whole month. Did this almost every night before dinner. :)

Had friends over on 01.28.12 for dinner and played series of games; Dirty Minds, Things & MadGab.

Had a fight with pancakes on a beautiful Sunday morning
{01.29.12} So the husband thought he could do better. {He didn't. We laughed}

Ending our fifth month with a nice dinner at Outback {again}
and a date to Bass Pro Shop jamm'n out to Bon Jovi {Bad Medicine} on the way home on 02.01.12  Good times!
What a wonderful FIVE months it has been.



dottie said...

SO CUTE! Happy Cinco de Marriage!

Love me some Ray, about to post that song on my hubby's fb wall.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Happy 5 months! Sounds like it has been a good time.

Delta Daisies said...

Happy 5 Months!!!

Katie said...

Oh my word! You are just the cutest! Isn't the first year the best?!

Happy Weekend!