Tuesday, February 21, 2012

got my hair did.

Remember last Thursday I had the day off & spent my time with
bleach. I'm happy to share my house is STILL smelling cleaning & even with the weekend... it still looks clean. Everyone is welcomed over.

Ha! No really. I did bleach my house but I also got my hair did.
Everyone asked for a "picture".
Now, I know I've shared my {Once upon a time I was a hair stylist} a few times
but I will tell you that I've never been bold or brave. I've cut my hair off many of times
but when it comes to color... I've always been a super chicken.
I definitely believe that skin tone & hair color choice is always something to make sure
work well together. Being I am a natural red head, I have super white skin.

I've died it brown - cried my eyes out.
I've died it red - {trying} to get it back my natural color... didn't like it.
Blond has always seemed to be my comfort zone.

I will say that I do like to play with the different shades of blond.
Thursday, I didn't really make to many changes.
I really REALLY really
wanted to go Lindzi's hair color {Lindzi off of The Bachelor}. Like REALLY bad.
I love her hair color. It's great. However, I'm super-dee-doper white.
My skin has no color whatsoever & to go her color...
I know myself & I'd freak out. It would appear darker than it was.
Therefore I just went with a lighter shade & low lights.

So this is me before getting my hair done.
It's been like this for almost a year now.
Pretty blond.

And this {below} is what I really wanted but was to much of a chicken
to change that much. Maybe with time.

& this is me now...

Not much difference, right?
Still a blond fo sho!
Ha! I told ya!

Best thing about getting my hair done was getting a hair cut.
Whoa! I needed it more than desperately. Seriously, it's been about a year since I've gotten a G.O.O.D cut. My bestie {& hair stylist} Rachel, agreed.
It was bad. We cut about two inches off the ends & layers.
It does have low lights in it & I really do love it.
But until I get some sun on my skin I can't really go darker.
I will seriously freak out.

Writing this post makes me fantasize on how amazing
a hair/head wash is by someone else... who really can wash good.
Ohhh, it's one of my favorite things in the world.
Yes... I am that creepy person whose eyes rolls back in their head & they say
"Ohhhh my... this is amazing" - making the hair stylist completely uncomfortable & want to quit. Thank god she is my friend. 

The lady in the picture with me is a bestie of mine.
She blogs too, however she has a classroom blog. For my teacher bloggers,
you should definitely check Kristie out. I really enjoy reading her classroom blog.


If you love me you will spread the word! :) 


Ashley said...

Looks great!!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...

looks good chica!!

Carolyn said...

I love getting my hair washed too!! My hair stylist uses this amazing mint shampoo and it's seriously one of the best feelings ever. :)

Your hair looks so cute!

SimplyHeather said...

I just made a hair post yesterday also - so I'm definitely hair inspired lately. Your hair looks great. Skin tone is a definite when it comes to choosing a hair color - I've dyed my hair so many times and blonde has always been my comfort zone as well. I really love Lindzi's hair! I wish I could get that color.

Valerie Griffin said...


Michelle P said...

Looks good!

~Dawn~ said...

Oooh man - I need a hair cut soo bad. Yours looks soo cute. It's just the motivation I need to get myself to the stylist.

P.S. I am dying to know what you think of this years Bachelor/Courtney drama? Will you be posting about this soon?

Nicole said...

Your hair looks great girl. I love getting my hair played with in general. The husband scratches my hair all the time. I need a cut soon & some layers.

Stormy said...

I am so chicken when it comes to dying my hair too! Last time I went (dark) brunette from bleach though and LOVED it! I too have white skin, we're talking Casper-The-Ghost white. Love the new color on you though! Looks lovely!

Lay said...

LOVE it! You look gorg!

Amberly Enich said...

One of my favorite things about doing hair is giving a good scalp massage when shampooing someones hair. It is a good way to get them to come back to you as well as clean the scalp! I must say my hair does not get shampooed enough by someone else but when it does I am the same way.. eyes are always rolling back and you just gotta say AHHHH! lol

Mrs. Chavis said...

I love you<3 You are a bestie of mine as well. So glad I have you in my life!!!

Anonymous said...

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