Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My thoughts on The Bachelor: Switzerland

One thing I learned last night watching this episode -
A trip to Switzerland is now on my bucket list. My heart was dropping left and right with just the scenery. Incredible.
Okay so I'm gonna skip right to my thoughts on last nights episode.

Lets start with The Bachelor. I have more to say about Ben than anything really...

- For someone who has been through a lot in his life {loosing this father}
he really doesn't know how to show to much emotion and this aggravates me. A lot.
When they are pouring their hearts out to him he basically just stares in slient.
A long with many other episodes, I have no idea what he is feeling or connections he is
having {besides Courtney}. Basically I feel he's been over this entire thing since Pueto Rico.
- I'm ashamed to admit this but when I wrote my very first post about this season, I was
very excited about Ben. I like him last season with Ashley. I also stood up for this style & this hair when everyone was bashing him- I loved it. Whoa. What happened?
Okay, so when they interview him... it looks as if they've flat ironed the front of his hair.
It wack! What has happened to his easy going style. I thought the tanks were hideous however his textured shirts on textured ties are awful. That greenish bow tie made my tummy sour.
- Don't read me wrong, I love picnics & think they are romantic and a place for good
conversation, however he has a picnic ALL.THE.TIME. I'm pretty sure Courtney is exhausted from all the picnics they've had. Every date.

Okay... how for my feel with this weeks dates.
Ben & Nicki
My perfect date. No sharks. No hanging from a wire. A helicopter through the beautiful country of Switzerland - yes please!!! It was breath taking.  I have really come to like her more & more. Not that I never liked her to begin with, but I think Nicki has an amazing personality. However, on their date, which I thought went well - I realized she did ALL the talking. She was expressing her love for him & hoping for the future and Ben wasn't saying anything at all. I mean, really? If is your third person clearly you have some kind of emotion towards her. He couldn't say anything except. "Thank you." & "My sister & I want to extend the family so it isn't so small - I want four children."
Dear Aaron, if you bring me to this exact place I will never ask for ANYTHING ever again. All of our lifes desicions will be on you and I will do anything you say.  Love, your wife.

Nicki is forced to say goodbye- I was sad for her. I really felt her heart drop. I usually feel bad when the ladies go home {unless they aren't my favorites} however, after the fantasy suite dates, I always feel so sad because... Well, ya know.

 "Well, judging by the dresses, Nicki is going home. Or maybe she got pregnant
on the fantasy date." -Aaron

"What is up with Courtneys hair? It's in a bun?" - Me

Did anyone agree with us?
Lindzi looked amazing. Finally she decided to wear her hair out of her face...
it did very well for her. She looked fabulous. Clearly you can tell she is in love with Ben & the other two are very worried... just look at their facial expressions directed to him.
Courtneys stance at {every} rose ceremony absoutely kills me.

Ben & Lindzi
Why do they keep putting Lindzi in positions
where she is scared to death? Heights - hello! Actually, I found myself looking for pee all over Bens downstairs area when they were finished because he too, was pretty scared.
I love my life - I really do. I can't even explain my anxiety when I looked down that cliff... My heart disappeared.  I had no air. Definitely breath taking... only not in the please take me there again. Hell to NO! All I could think about was that movie "Cliff Hanger". Yikes!
I thought their date was good. Again, a little boring. I mean not really, but what they air is so boring. Of course cliff hanging is very adventureous & both of them were really freaked so I get that there wasn't much to watch as they went down - but even the hot tub moment. Where's the action? I felt Lindzi REALLY opened up and poured her heart out. I was happy to see this. Ben again, no response. All he seems to say {behind the ladies} is - I can see life with her. Okay, so that is big but this is ALL he says... about  every girl. Well... he DID says "I love Lindzi" and I thought that was big. But he in no way showed it
towards her. Right?  I loved her answer to the fantasy suite card.  "I don't usually do this..." I thought it was very classy. However, THIS was steamy...
Hello Ass!
Ohh.. HI Mom & Dad!
Yeeeeeeah... they got straight to the point FAST.

Ben & Courtney
When I first saw Courtney on this episode I thought for the first time, she looked really really stunning. I've never thought she was ugly. But I never saw her as "striking".
I thought their date was very fun!
And Ben loves taking her on picnics! He loves them! I think this is about all he can handle with her because his man down stairs is about to explode. LOL! He would have never made it with Courtney in the hott tub as he did with Lindzi. Am I wrong?
Courtney tried to explain her behavior at the picnic. Ben didn't really want to hear it - however she is really trying to explain because I don't think he gets HOW BAD she has been. Hmmm... I wonder what pushes her to do this? Is she actually in love with Ben? Maybe? Maybe it was a game before & now she's actually feeling something?  Does she feel threatened? A little?
I just know I'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall when they watched everything back.
I'd love to know exactly what was said when he questioned her about this.
Overall I thought their date went great. And I do really think he has the most chemistry with her. I really do. However, I am not sold on her. She's different.
Wait, what is this photo of?
One of Ben Flajnik’s Remaining Two Women Wears Her Final Rose Ceremony Dress in Switzerland During The Bachelor Season 16 Finale Filming

Saw this on a spoilers post.
"Courtney Robertson strikes a signature Bachelor finale dramatic pose on a terrace in Switzerland. Either that or she’s watching Ben and Lindzi on their date. (Creepy!)"

Where are her feet? Black dress? Hmmm.. could this be before Ben pops the big question?
has to be - her hair actually looks brushed.
Am I the only one already picturing how Lindzi will react? What she will say?
I'm already so sad for her. Clearly Ben is all bout Courtney.

Okay so...

Kacie B. returns...
She may be young but she isn't scared -
She comes back to NOT beg for him but to warn him & ask a few questions. Kudos to Kacie. I knew I liked you. She asks what happens & Ben replies with
"I don't think I can give you what you needed."
Clearly he is directing things to the hometown date because he has major connection with her. Kacie feels this - She replies "If this is about not living together. YOu have to know I can make my own decisions." - LOVED it. Okay, so I know she is younger than the rest of the girls, but I'm so glad she covered this. If I listened to what my in laws thought we should do - we would've gotten preggers on our honeymoon. Yes, family input are big - or to my at least. However, my heart will deside who is my husband.
Then again, he's crazy about Courtney. This was just a way out.

So then she tells Ben to beware. Yet Ben's man down stairs still has complete control over how he is thinking. Ha! 
 Again, I don't think he understands when Courtney explains "her actions". I love how she throws it at "The way I handled my emotions... This has been very difficult for me." - Pssshhh!  Kacie B. still leaves broken hearted.

However, when tweeting last night - I came across this...
William H  from last season {Ashley H.} tweeted this picture &
said "look it's @Ryan_M_Park and Kacie B. They would def make a great couple"
Hmmm.. has Kacie already ventured out? You go girl!!!
Don't remember Ryan? Com'on - even my husband did.
Well.. he rememeber what he did for a living. Apparently he makes a lotta doe.
"Yeah, he runs solar electric power plants, he's loaded." -Aaron
And those are my thoughts of last nights episode.
{As usual, I am not proof reading this. Forgive me for my errors. Don't judge}
The End.


Page Twenty-Two said...

I found myself nodding and laughing and saying "YES!" in my head while I was reading this! You hit the nail on the head (like 10 times). There's no doubt in my mind he picks Courtney! He shows no emotion with the other women. I thought Lindsey was classy last night too and LOVED her hair out of her face. Good for Kacie for coming back and demanding answers! I also thought Courtney looked semi attractive last night- normally I'm not a fan!

Ashley said...

Hahaha! I loved this! I am about to do my recap!!!

Carolyn said...

HAHA so I stopped watching this season, but now I feel totally caught up! Thanks friend! :) The more and more I hear about Ben this season, the more I think he's a complete tool. Gross.

lori said...

good post! i agree about nicki... she needs to ASK him questions and let him talk. idk how they can all be SO in love with him, but they hardly talk about anything that matters.

i felt so bad for kacie... i mean on the bachelor it comes down to one thing... he sent you home because he likes someone else better/can see himself with someone else. i'm glad she realized her parents are holding her back a bit, though.

im not a ben fan... i wasn't in ashley's season (i loveeed jp) and im even LESS of a fan now.

i cannot wait for the girls tell all episode... and the after the rose... and i really can't wait for the bachelorette. emily is going to do it right!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I stopped watching this season of the Bachelor because of that one crazy girl. She got on my very last nerve. I love the new layout girlie super cute :)

Megan said...

It is all boring at this point. I read the spoiler so I won't say more.

I love me some Kacie but really Ryan? He was soooo annoying.

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh the bachelor seriously now i want to go to switzerland too but not with him of course, he is too boring for me. seriously he has no emotions and i didn't like when he opened up the door and kacie b was there the first words were holy f***, i would tell kacie b run, run far away!!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

I think he's a douche!! And that he's going to pick Courtney. VOMIT!

Mrs. Chavis said...

He's soooooo not my Rafael Nadal :) hehe

~Dawn~ said...

Ben is a major snooze fest - the dude never speaks. It's like he gets uncomfortable and doesn't know what to say or how to respond, so he just kisses the women instead. UGH!

You hit the nail on every head in this post..HA!!

Looking forward to the Women Tell All show - and of course, your thoughts on what goes down.

Anonymous said...

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