Friday, February 17, 2012

Dear Readers,

is exactly what today feels like to me.
It's Friday but...
Yesterday, I had the day off.
So... to come back today kind of blows.
I spent the day with bleach.

1} bleach with my house {Oh it needed it badly}
2} with my hair {Oh it needed it badly}

I know it's the {in thing} to have the top of your hair darker
and the ends lighter.. whatever it is called but it just doesn't work so good for me.
Best part about it. I got a hair cut. It's be {a YEAR} since I got a good hair cut.
I feel like a new woman.

Ahh. CraZy AmaZing.

Speaking of CraZy AmaZing...
Thank you ALL for your ever so love & feed back on the new title for my blog.
Wow! I didn't realize {Stilettos & a fishing pole} was that well liked.
I'm still undecided however I'm may or may not be leaning towards sticking with
my same ol' same ol' blog title.
I mean it IS who we are whether or not we did get hitched.

moving along.
basically this post is about you laughing your ace off
just as I did last night as my husband was watching these men
"noodle" for catfish.


Don't know what "noodling" is?

 Google it. Or don't.
It's hideous.

Moving along.

Before we go any further. If foul language is something you
are not a fan of or are easily offended by...
you may have to leave now.

Have fun!

I'd be lying if I say this almost made me wet myself.
I've have this happen to me so I know how annoyingly funny it is.

Went from almost wetting myself to...
running to the bathroom.

Dad. I'm not sure there is anything in this world you
can buy me to recover from this.

Clean fun.
Something I would defintitely fall into.

What a waste of the moment every girl dreams of.
There just is no recovering for MOm.

That's a {dammit} moment.

Another no recovering.
Did you actually picture this happening and the look on a chicks face?
I did. Not good but hilarious.

Have a wonderful weekend friends! :)



Carolyn said...

I wanna see a pic of your new hair!!! :)

Did you make a new header?!?! It's so cute! :)

Ashley said...

You should post a pic of your new hair do!!!
I have every monday and thursday off, so that makes going back friday not suck soo much!!

Michelle P said...

hahha I love these!

Nicole said...

Yes epic fail on all of them. I laughed so hard!!

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

These are hilarious, thanks for sharing :-)

Nicole said...

That is one of the GREATEST websites of all time! Those things make me hysterically laugh EVERY time! Thanks for the comment on my blog about people chewing with their mouth open-I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates it!

Have a great weekend

Raquel said...

Lol these are all too funny!! Epic fails!

shay said...

those epic fails are hilarious. i've seen some of them before but they still have me LOL'ing everytime.

Kristen479 said...

hahahahaha my friend Ericka and I can sit and laugh at these for hours! Thanks for sharing :)

ps my lovely "guyfriend" made me watch swamp people followed by the "noodling" you speak of. I feel your pain!

Samantha Lynne said...

hahah i love all of these

Anonymous said...

Those are FANTASTIC! And yes, I totally saw the face of the girlfriend! I can't even imagine!

Steph@ Living The Young Life said...


dottie said...

Good stuff, good stuff!

Have a good weekend!

Raven said...

you're too too cute. seriously, you are. LOVE autocorrect damn you or whatever. hilarious.

I will love your blog no matter what you name it :)

Beth Dunn said...

Those are too funny! I'm not into the dark root thing either

Jessica said...

I want to see a picture of your hair. I love the title to your blog, I vote you leave it the same!

Kelly said...

Love these!!!