Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Reunion = BORING? Not THIS family!

So, I posted a blog last week describing my family. To remind you; We're BIG, loUD, & We love each other so much. [After this weekend... I'll add competitors]
Yaddi, Yaddi Yaddi...
So, FIVE years ago we threw reunion  in HONOR of my Cancer Battling Grandmother! To read how WONDERFUL she was.. [yes, I used past tense] Go read - Family, Family, Family! 
I vote it being the best blog i've written... mainly because it was about Ganny- When you read it... You will see why!

ANYWAY - This year we've dedicated this reunion to my Grandpa

- Richard Donovan

My entire Life I've lived here in Georgia, while he stayed up there [as in NEW YORK (parents are orignally from) and remarried] So, I don't have the relationship with Grandpa as I did with Ganny! SAd to say... Yes it's true! In the past few years [about 4] I've gotten to know him a little better.
I do know he LOVES Westerns. That being said... Super Woman [MAMA] and her badself went along with it and made this Reunion a Western Theme.

Donovan Family Reunion 2010
July 8th - 11th

At my Parents House in Georiga

[This is the Immeditate Family. No 2nd Cousins, 3rd Uncles, or Great Aunt Sallys]


We had two teams

The Red Team
The Blue Team

Divided Equally
The Team that Won
 Picked from the Gift Table
[You will see each person wear red/blue bandana
somewhere on their body while playing games]

Gift/Thank You Table

The Center Pieces

Thursday - July 8, 2010
We were still waiting on LOTS of family members to arrive so we basically hung around,
swam, ate, and caught up on lost time!

The Heart of this entire weekend...
Although lots of family members are credited hard work...
This Woman is the Root of everything...
This is my Mom, Ellen!

My Grandpa &
my youngest niece, Emily Grace

I was in charge of the games the whole weekend...
It was pretty stressful.
Not sure if you caught were I called my family competitors or not, but...
it can get rough...
Put it this way... I lost my voice for THREE WHOLE DAYS
trying to talk over them.

Let me explain how I did it.
I bought red and blue pom-poms from the craft section.
Besides the Childred 13 & down
Each Member drew a color pom-pom out of a big...
this way no one picked teams...
Okay, so it was the only way to be fair!
I did this on Thursday, so Friday Morning the Fun could start!

This Next Photo is Me & My bro in law organizing...
Each person got the colored bandana they chose and a GO TEAM #1 hand to wear on their finger!
Each game had a total points
Which color team won...
Won the Points.


                            Friday July 9th,2010                
Let the GAMES begin!

Meet the RED TEAM
[Minus - My Aaron, Chelsea, & Zach]

Meet the BLUE TEAM
[Minus- Kerri]

We started off playing
The Egg Toss
Red -Won
Simply how it sounds.
Choose a partner [on your team]
Stand Three feet apart
Toss the Egg
Step back a foot
and again
and again
until the last person stands with the egg they started with
The Kids First
Then the Adults

Red - Won [kids & adults]
Simply how it's usually played
only blind folded...
[Stole this from Ellen Degeneres]

Sweatshirt Relay
RED - won [by 2 seconds]
So - The last reunion I skipped out on this one...
I didn't this time and wish I would've...
I literally thought I was going to die! [die = drownd]

Your hands and head have to be in the sweatshirt properly
Must be out of the pool when exchanging sweatshirts

The Watermelon Contest
Blue Won - Kids & Adults
Who gets to the rind first!
You're about to witness SERIOUSness in the Blue team.
We have NO points && It's killing us!

Winner = My Niece Chloe
Although there were CLOSE calls
[She actually finished her waaay down to the rind
AFTER the comptetion was over]

The Adults
[You fixing to witness my competitive side....]

The Winner - My Brother Brian


Later that night -
My Aunt Amy & Aunt Irene Mastered in
Swing Dancing!
I know right.. A little scarey!


If you knew my family you'd understand!!!
I tell ya!
Aunt Amy made ALL the Skirts by hand
Aunt Irene spent many hours putting together the dances
and learning how to Docey-Doe!
Although we ended up kinda just doing our own thing...

Hand Clap for Aunt Irene...
Clap Clap Clap

This is Grandpa
 his Children minus Aunt Sue...
She was Sick an
d couldn't make Square Dancing!

Saturday July 10, 2010

I had some of my cousins stay with me..
Rachel, Michele, & Kaityn
They are Sisters...
Kaitlyn & Rachel went to Disney before coming to the Reunion.
We had a little fun with their gifts before headed to my parents...

AFTER getting ready

Off to my Parents...

Bobbing for Apples
Blue Team - Wins
There are coins [$$] in the apples
whatever team collected the most money
There is no skill...
This game is a LOT harder than it looks...
Just get any apple!

I LOVE the way my niece Ashlyn is watching me...

Below: My Aaron

The Obstacle Course
RED won

It was based on whoever had less time combined!

1. Limbo
[My Aaron]

2. Run the Tires

3. Find YOUR TEAMS bandana in the pool full of toys/bandanas/soap

4. Kick the Ball between the Sticks

5. Wheel Barral Race

6. Basketball

7. Run the Stairs to grab 3RD bandana

8. Swim the Pool

The time is STOPPED when the THREE bandanas are placed on the diving board

blue team wins
There were soda cans filled with rocks...
using the water gun...
you had to shoot the cans down
The Team with lowest time..

Donovan Derby
JUST like the Sweatshirt Contest...
Only No Sweatshirt...
You had to ride your horse [A Pool Noodle]

This is the LAST two from each team..
That's how close it was...

This was the LAST game before Family Trivia...
Which I don't have any pictures of..
But the RED TEAM won all weekend...
Blue team gave it their best and were CLOSE behind...
In the End it was fun & made LOTS of memories!
My family is truely amazing and NOTHING more I love than to be with all of them together!
Wouldn't you???
Here are other Random Photos from the weekend -
Up Top -
My Aunt Teresa created a Family DVD [1.5 hours] that had Grandpas ENTIRE life.
From beginning to end. All NINE children && their families!!!
It was AWESOME. She and Uncle John put in LOTS of time and LOVE!

Happy Birthday
Uncle Chuck & Aunt Jeanie


Hope you get HALF of what I got after reading and viewing my love for my family!!!!
Have a HAPPY Friday!!!


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said... these pictures are priceless!! your family looks like such fun, i'm so glad you had a great time. and i'm sure by next time you'll forget the stress of organizing... and do it all over again ;)

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Your family is awesome!!!!!! That's how our family is. Always doing crazy stuff like that. I love it :)

jenn@peacelovemommy said...

I motion to become an honorary 1st cousin next year!?! what do you think? I'm pretty would work out!!!

HOLY awesome!!!! I'm totally jealous but so glad you have great family.

it looks like your parents house is comparable to disneyworld!

your pics were awesome, and your momma is pretty pretty!!

Karen Mortensen said...

What a wonderful reunion. Looks like so much fun. Thanks for letting us "in on it".

Theresa said...

Wow! It looks like you had SO much fun!! What a great thing to do with your family. I really enjoy reading your blog posts. You and Aaron look like a lot of fun! I'm glad the reunion went so well!

Gina said...

Looks like so much fun!! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following back!

Tiffany said...

I love your post! Your family looks so much fun and I love that you did organized games all weekend for the reunion. Way too cool!
Thanks for sharing and I'm your newest follower via Follow Me Chickadee! Love your blog!

Mrs. Ma'am said...

WOW! Your title said it all! I found you at one of the Friday follows.

I am from Louisiana, young, married to a military man, currently living overseas. I love your blog! I like your personality, and the family reunion looks like a blast!

I am your newest follower. Check me out if you'd like.
Be sure to enter my giveaway, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have a beautiful family and it sure looks like you all know how to have a good time! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm following!

Lauren said...

omg this is adorable!!! im such a party planning fanatic! you have amazing ideas and games!!! love love love the decor!!! Looks like a blast!!!! Thanks for joining my blog hop!!


Beth said...

Your family is awesome...wish mine were as big and not that spread out...we barely know each other! Following you back - thanks for stopping by!