Friday, November 18, 2011

Are YOU normal? What about your Love Life?

I love polls, pop quizzes, & fun facts.
Do you miss Oprah?
Who cares if you do or don't. But check out some of her
Q's & A's Once a from her website. It's fun. Try it.

Round One.
Do you live a NORMAL life?

1. How often do you pick your nose?

Once a week (30%)
Once a day (55%)
Once an hour (11%)
Several times an hour (4%)

2. After you blow your nose, do you look in the tissue?

Yes (78%)
No (22%)

3. Is it normal to pop another person's pimples?

Yes (28%)
No (72%)

{Confession: I love doing this to Aaron. He thinks I'm extremely strange. Okay, I am.}

4. Do you brush your teeth before you go to bed?

Always (51%)
Sometimes (41%)
Never (9%)

5. Who passes more gas—men or women?
Men (36%)
Women (10%)
The same amount (53%)

6. When you buy new underwear, do you wash them before you wear them?

Always (36%)
Sometimes (27%)
Never (36%)

7. Do you sleep with your underwear on or off?

On (61%)
Off (39%)

8. Do you sit on public toilets without the protective paper cover?

Yes (27%)
No (40%)
It depends (34%)

9. Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

Yes (94%)
No (6%)

10. Is it normal to have different-size breasts?

Yes (92%)
No (8%)

11. Is facial hair on women normal?

Yes (81%)
No (19%)

So what is it... Are you NORMAL?
Let's just say, I'm normal with a few curve balls.

Round TWO.

Is your love life NORMAL?

1. How often do you have sex?

Every single day (5%)
At least once a week (45%)
About once a month (20%)
It's been awhile (30%)

Experts at Indiana University say 30 percent of all couples have sex two to three times a week.

2. Have you faked an orgasm?

Yes (59%)
No (41%)

According to a Men's Fitness and Shape magazine poll, 70 percent of women have faked an orgasm.

3. Do you lie about the number of people you have slept with?

Yes (26%)
No (74%)

According to the University of Michigan, women lower the real number and men inflate it.

4. Do you and your spouse sleep in separate bedrooms?

Yes (13%)
No (87%)

A recent National Sleep Foundation study said one in four American couples sleep in separate bedrooms. The National Association of Homebuilders predicts 60 percent of custom-built homes will have two master suites by 2015.

5. How many hours of football should a man watch a week?

None (14%)
3 hours (46%)
6 hours (35%)
12 hours or more (5%)

{thanks to fantast football, our household is NOT normal.}

According to a USA Today online poll, the "normal" American man watches three to six hours of football per week.

6. What body part do men find most attractive?

Face (28%)
Breasts (43%)
Butt (21%)
Legs (8%)

Esquire magazine says 46 percent of 20-year-old men find the face the most attractive part of a woman.

7. Is it normal for a woman to ask a man on a date?

Yes (70%)
No (30%)

According to Glamour, 84 percent of women will wait for a man to ask them on a date.

8. Men would most prefer to marry a…

Blonde (40%)
Brunette (56%)
Redhead (3%)

According to a November 2006 survey by Sunsilk and, 75 percent of men surveyed said they plan to marry a brunette if they haven’t already.

9. Have you ever searched for you ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend online?

Yes (72%)
No (28%)

According to a USA Today poll, 61 percent of people have searched for an ex online.

10. Are you married but still in love with your ex?

Yes (5%)
No (87%)
Maybe (9%)

11. Are you normal if your spouse has never seen you naked?

Yes (11%)
No (89%)

According to a USA Today poll, 92 percent say you are not normal if your spouse has never seen you naked.

So... are you gonna go home and get freaky and make up those lost moments?
do.not.answer.that... PLEASE! :)
Is your love life NORMAL?


Kristine said...

AH! I totally pop my guys zits... when he lets me. Gross? Yes but I don't even care :) I love this post!

Kristin said...

BAHAHAHA!!!!! That is too funny!!! I'm for real LOL!!
I'm a nurse i always look at the tissue! HA!

P.s. Have you gotten your schedule for my 25 Days of Christmas Blog Hop yet?

O! AND,I sent you an email about a business proposition :)

Ali said...

I totally miss Oprah! Looks like I'm pretty "normal"!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

These are funny!! But I think theyre pretty accurate