Tuesday, November 29, 2011

heavens to betsy, it's good to be back.

since i left you on thanksgiving
so much has happened.
thanksgiving day-
woke up to a husband missing...
happy first thanksgiving married hunny - sent through a text
BIGGEST day for hunting.
this day is when I usually start rocking out to my Christmas music.
thanks to JB I've been secretly listening to him when the hubs is not around.
not this day... it was blaring so hard that when my brother called to wish us a
 Happy Turkey Day, I wished him a Merry Christmas instead. Opps!
before preparing my thanksgiving dishes, I thought I'd tell the hubby what
I'm thankful for.
so I wrote this and taped it to the front door for when he came home he'd see.
Aaron always gets lucky with a nice deer on this day, however not this year.
sorry babe.

we arrived at my uncle & aunts house at about 12:30 - most of my family were there.
we drank too much wine.
speaking for myself.
only like 5 glasses.
my aunt Amy and I were on a roll.
{full thanksgiving recap later}
i made our families traditional celery/olive/pickle dish...

both of these were demolished before dinner was ready. :) 
and my favorite -  

{how about my pretty willow house dish... LOVE IT} 
after dinner with my family, we headed back to our home town for
another feast with Aaron's family.

we were home & watching football by 8pm.


we were both back up at 5:00am
he was headed out the door to go hunting, while I was meeting my parents.
i left my hubby for the weekend & tagged along with Mom & Aaron {my dad} to Charleston for the weekend along with my steph sister, her hubby, & step brother.
First time to Charleston... LOVED it.
It reminds me so much of Savannah, would love to go back.
we shopped, shopped, and shopped.
we went to St. James Park on Saturday where they have a drive through Christmas light show. If you are close or even a few hours away from Charleston, you must do this.
it's $12 a car and totally worth seeing.
we got out at Santa's village & roasted marsh mellows & ate smores - a lot for children to do & see.{Rock Climbing, Train Rides, Carasols, etc.}
did I mention it was only the ladies.
Me. Momma. My step sister, Jennifer.
We walked around and walked through the trails to see more lights.
seriously, you need to go.

another first timer for me, was shopping at Kohl's.
We went there twice. Once Saturday & once at a different Kohl's before we left on Sunday.
We also made a trip to Best Buy on Friday night -
where I bought my hubby's big Christmas present...

I'm super proud.
however, i can not hide this - or should I say I didn't hide this very well.
a Christmas present delivered a month early.
remember in our second month of marriage when everything broke in our house?
okay well since then, we've been using his parents back porch T.V - 
Not only did his mouth drop when my dad asked him for a hand to carry this bigN out of the motor home, but he also about crapped his pants when he saw the 8 bags of stuff also trampling into our house.
Let's just say, Our Christmas list went from 36 people down to only having to buy for 2.
Yes - I'm good.
Now for my favorite part. Wrapping.
Sunday  was spent with Aaron & unpacking.
It's always nice to get away, but wonderful to come home.
he was very happy to see me. ") {i'm blushing}
is it rude to admit when hearing him say "my weekend was lonely."
mind you he hunted all weekend but them came home to quiet.
i love it when he misses me.
we ended our weekend with dinner in the living room {pizza} & football.
it was great until ....
about 9:00 - my body took a turn for the worst.
I started to feel extremely sick.
minutes later - i was on the worst date of my life with our guest bathroom.
remember this day when me & the hubs were both out with the flu?
well it was deja vu' all over again for me - minus the body ache.
I stayed home from work yesterday - yuck.
let's just say Aaron was at the 24-hr gas station up the road from our house  Monday morning at 5am getting me gingerale - this body could not hold anything down.

 Here I am today -
back to ME - back to Jessica, feeling wonderful!
Thank you Lord!

 Oh - How could I forget, I did complete my fireplace Sunday evening also
Now - if we can just go get our Christmas Tree {Tonight maybe?}

... final picture.
Happy Tuesday Bloggers! :)

{please give a warm prayer for step-brother Chris, as he & my parents drive to Emory this evening for his first round of Chemo tomorrow morning.}

Oh. one more thing.
I had an anonymous blogger ask me to do a link up to share our engagement rings - she & her {soon to be} fiance' are ring shopping and she wants some ideas. So go ahead an prepare your posts, I hope to do this sometime this week.


Rebecca said...

all the boys went huntin on thanksgiving in my family too =]

Cassie said...

I went hunting instead of shopping! haha! All that shopping stresses me out! Thank the Lord for Cyber Monday! :) I also had too much wine over the weekend! ;)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Nice purchase of the TV! You should be proud!!

Carolyn said...

WELCOME BACK! :) We missed you! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, until the bathroom incident! EEK!

I JUST got my ring photos back from our photographer. Perfect timing. :)

brlracincwgrl said...

Welcome Back!

I love the list on the door of all the things you are thankful for! How sweet!

We have a Kohl's here, it's fabulous huh?

Good luck to your step-brother! Prayers being sent his way!

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisies said...

Oh very fun..That is nice that you are willing to do that an anonymous comment!

Erin said...

Glad you are back and feeling good!! Don't you just LOVE Kohl's!?!? I'm taking it that y'all don't have one in your home town. My momma and I are usually at ours every weekend. They have some of the best sales!!
Praying for your step-brother!! :)
How sweet of you to do that for the Anon comment!!

Ashley B. said...

Well sounds like you had a great holiday!!! Love your decorations!!!

Thats soo cute your hubby text you happy first thanksgiving married, the little things count!!!

Sounds like you did some damage on black friday and beyond!!!

Glad your feeling better!!!

Amberly Enich said...

I was worried when you didn't post for 5 days! I'm glad you had a great weekend with your family! Sorry you got sick! And NO its not rude to be secretly glad the husband missed you! :)

I LOVE your new header, the pictures are amazing!

I can't wait for the ring posts!

Amberly Enich said...

OH! I forgot! I would LOVE for some help with my head for my blog. I used to be so good at html and such but Its been so long since I've used it that I just can't get with it! Whenever you get time maybe we can email?

Mine is Amberlyanne210@gmail.com :)

Mrs. Thomas said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Your fire place looks so cute, and what a wonderful Christmas present! :) Praying for your brother and family that everything goes well!

Kristin said...

We have all been sick at my house too! It's going around bad!

Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving :)

The hubbs didn't get a deer all weekend. BOO... We need the meat!
I hate having to buy beef.

I hope you'll join in on my 25 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. It starts tomorrow :)

Praying for your brother...

Anonymous said...

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