Friday, November 11, 2011

Proverbs 31 Wife, Meet Kristin!

Hi Y’all! I’m Kristin.  A twenty something, small town, southern girl from Central Arkansas and writer of Adventures in Mitchell”ville.”. A wife to my high school sweet heart for six years and mother of 3 amazing children(5yrs, 18months, and 10 weeks). I’m a NICU nurse turned SAHM. I love Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. A few of my favorite things include my family, chocolate, pink, horses, 4-wheelers, rocking chairs, coupons, and the Arkansas Razorbacks. Woo Pig Sooie!!!!!

First, I would like to say thank you to Jessica for sending me an invite to be a guest blogger.  Jess, you are such a sweet person with such a great personality and the grace of a Southern Belle! It is inspiring to see how caring, sweet, and generous you are to others. And you lifted my spirits with your kind words of encouragement when I found out I was having a third child when my baby was only eight months old.  Thanks again :)


When my husband and I started dating (in the summer of 10th and 11th grade), somehow, somewhere deep down inside my heart I knew that he was “The One.”  The one I would spend the rest of my life with. Raise a family with.
I would always day dream in class about what our days would be like. My house would always be clean. I would make his lunch for work. I would have supper ready for him when he got home. We would sit on the porch swing of our log cabin drinking hot chocolate in the cool autumn air enjoying each others company. And we would start having kids after about three or four years of marriage.  I was to be the perfect "1950’s house wife".
Or, so I thought…
Five years later when we actually did get married we got pregnant right away. I mean… on our honeymoon right away! My whole little dream world quickly disappeared. I was sick all the time. The house was hardly ever clean. I rarely cooked (I didn’t really know how). Organization was not my friend. Then, after the baby came, it was even harder to keep everything in order.
Now, fast forward another five years. We have a new house and three kids, and I have a whole new outlook on life and how I feel our house should run.
Now, not only do I strive to really be that 1950’s wife, I also strive to be a Proverbs 31 woman.
The Proverbs 31 woman is all about being a Godly wife. Serving God by serving your husband and family. Being the capable wife who is trustworthy, diligent, frugal, generous, self-sufficient, and wise. She is far more precious than jewels! The heart of her husband trusts in her. She gets up early and stays up late. Her hands reach out to the poor and she extends her hands to the needy. Strength and honor are her clothing. She opens her mouth with wisdom. She watches over the activities of her household and is never idle. she is many more things, but, those are all topics for another day. Each day I pray that God help me have these character qualities.
First, in order for me to be more organized and manage my time , home, and family (my three kids)  more efficiently I decided to make a home management notebook. On Sunday’s I clip my coupons and  I schedule my whole week in the notebook. Since I’ve started using my notebook I’ve noticed that I do better with a schedule instead of a routine. If I have specific times to get certain things done by, then I seem to actually do them. From workouts to cleaning. School work to playtime, bath time, and bedtime. I schedule everything.
Each day I try to get up at about five thirty am to have time to myself to read God’s word. Meditate on it. Pray about it. Really soak it in. No. This doesn’t happen every single day. But, I really do try. Hard. I really notice a difference in how well my day goes when I do this.
Then I do a Biggest Loser DVD. Well…not every day. But, going through the motions in my head counts. Right??
Then,  I start some laundry and do some of whatever cleaning I have scheduled for that day.
Next, I shower and get ready. Even if I’m not even stepping outside to check the mail that day. I still like to put on a little make up so that I look somewhat presentable to my husband when he gets home. And you never know who might show up at your door. It would be a sad day if publishers clearing house showed up with their video camera in hand and you looked like total poo!
I get up at five thirty  in order to have all these things done by seven thirty.
On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Cowgirl goes to preschool. So, those mornings are filled with quick breakfast and child level devotional, clothes changing, teeth brushing, hoping the baby eats before we leave, then off to school by nine. While she is at school, I take the boys to the park or do a little thrift shopping. When school is out at noon, we go home for lunch. R.D. takes a nap from one to three.
In the time slot of one to two, I finish cleaning and cowgirl has “rest time.” Then from two to three, I spend time with cowgirl playing a game, reading a book, baking something sweet, making some crafts, or playing outside.
At three I start making supper. The hubs usually gets home at about three forty five so we usually eat around four.
After supper, we usually spend the afternoon outside.
Seven o’clock is bath time.
Then we read a book and the kids are in bed by eight thirty.
After the kids are in bed is mine and the hubs “us time. “ We usually curl up on the couch and watch some TV or a movie.
On Tuesday and Thursday the only thing different is that we do some home schooling in the morning during the time that Cowgirl would otherwise be at preschool, and we have implemented these nights to be “family nights” where the TV isn’t turned on at all. We have a short devotional and play games or go outside. Usually whatever cowgirl wants to do.
Are you thinking, “Wait, she has only mentioned Cowgirl and R.D., I thought she had three kids”?
I do have three kids. My youngest is now 10 weeks old. So, in the midst of all my daily doings, the baby is nursing every three to five hours and almost everything is done one handed since he wants to be held all the time.
There it is. That’s it. That’s my day.
Not a bad day huh? Doesn’t sound that busy when you leave out wiping up the hundreds of little milk drops on the floor for the hundredth time that R.D. spills on purpose, or dealing with temper tantrums, kissing boo boo’s and applying band aids, or answering and doing the million “can we do this?” and “Can we do that's”  for the millionth time.
Now, what do I want to change about my daily routine/schedule?
I want to be more like the Proverbs 31 woman.
The last verses of the book of Proverbs are my favorite!! Proverbs 28-29, and 31 say; 28Her sons rise up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her. 29Many women are capable, but you surpass them all. 31Give her the reward of her labor, and let her works praise her at the city gates.
Later in another season of my life. When all my children are grown. This is what I want. I want them to “call me blessed!” I want to give my children the best of me. I don’t want them to look back and only remember how busy I was. I can make them things and be “that crafty mom” all day long, but, that isn’t giving my kids the best of me. That isn’t being there for them, with them, spending quality time with them. I want to raise them teaching them to be God fearing. I want to teach my boys to be spiritual leaders, and my daughter to be a proverbs 31 woman.
I want my husband to praise me. Yes! I just said that!I want my husband to praise me! I want to be the capable wife who surpasses all the other capable wives. The one who is worth far more than jewels. The one who’s reward is her husbands praise!!  We all want praise from our husbands whether we are trying to be a Proverbs 31 women or not. I want to recognize his needs and meet them. I want to please my husband and ultimately God so that in the end my reward will be praise and I will get to hear the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
So. My dear sweet sisters. I challenge you. Read Proverbs 31. Meditate on it. Pray about it. Commit those scriptures to memory. Let’s pour ourselves out to our families so that in the end we all will be praised.
Starting next Friday Nov. 11th I am starting Faith Filled Friday’s and I will be starting in Proverbs 31! I hope y’all can hop on over to my blog and read with me and comment as I did deeper into this amazing woman that God wants us to be. And through Him, all things are possible!

Wow! Was that not amazing? Kristin, you spoke to my heart completely. Really, being a brand new newly-wed, this hit home. We don't have children, yet... nor are we pregnant. We 'HOPE' to while a little while, however... that being said, being a godly wife & living like I believe I should is something I've been training to do for a while. Your post is incredible. You are stronger than I ever believed or knew, and I already looked at you as a solid foundation prior to this post. You keep doing what you are doing. I completely understand why you've never had a pedicure. I couldn't help but think it throughout reading this post. You are a busy, but wonderful Mom!
Thank you so much for sharing your heart & your world with us.
Thank you for opening your home to us. You've definitely inspired me.
Your family is beautiful.
Everyone, please walk over to Adventures in Mitchell 'ville' & speak your heart to Kristin. Share your love!


brlracincwgrl said...

Kristin, this is absolutely amazing and wonderful! I am not married, yet however I think to learn to live this way would be a tremendous benefit to my now relationship and self.

Jessica Drew ♥ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

Kristin, Check out Amberly's post today.

I think you two both are speaking out to me. Thank you! I really really loved this post!

Amberly Enich said...

You were right Jessica. So funny how God works. This is exactly what I needed to hear!!

kristen said...

This is amazing. You go girl! Im not sure Ill ever have the strength to do all of that! I can only hope!

Lex ♥ said...

Absolutely Amazing! I have saved this post to remind me daily that I to strive to be that godly Proverbs 31 lady. Kristin, you are so truly blessed. Jessica, I cannot thank you enough.. I needed this today, and God used Kristin through your blog. God is so good.