Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a secret now told.

i secretly have the biggest {non skanky} crush on JB.
i think i've actually shared this before. . .
i hope i don't f.r.e.a.k. anyone out because i do not  have the hotts for little boys...
the hotts defined as i want this guy.
lets face it.
i love my husband... very much
& ONLY have the true HOTTS for him.
but JB makes me turn my head.

you're right.
he is little.
he is young.
very young.
but dude...
this guy gets my blood pumping.
his music gets me pumped up...
defined as jammin' in the car pumped up
most little boys can not dance like this
maybe it's just his talent that has me stuck to the youtube videos
but his swagger... he definitely has it
JB has is going on.
let me make myself very clear again
i do not have the hotts for his body
i do not think about him outside of watching him on TV
i do not want him
i do not dream of him

oh yeah, there is a but
he voice, dance skills, and stage talent is pretty awesome
and make my eyebrows go up and down...
ohhh yeahhhh! :)

I've always had the {my heart just melted}
when I watch a man dance.
let me rephrase that.
who can like really dance.
let's just say... I like to watch anyone dance.
BP {Britney} yeah... she is amazing.
I could watch one of her shows for hours.

JB... hands down
has a voice both swagger style & backstreet boys style
and they both are amazing.
his moves...
are talented.
however i wish he would pull his pants up most of the time.
i hate pants below the butttocks

Not only do think he is amazing in every way & love where he is now.
but I love his background story
just YOUTUBE Justin Singing and you will see him promoting his
voice song after song after song to get his voice out there.
it's truly beautiful.

hands down FAVORITE song of his: Baby
"Are we an item?... girl quit playing...."
when he sings that part... he is definitely seeing my face.

this is amazing ---> JB & Usher
 Worked hard for where he is NOW ---> Cute but Hilarious
Ushers ' You Got Bad' <----- his voice
his heart & voice {worth watching} ---> PRAY
Emotions {brought tears to my eye} ---> Entertainer of the Year 2010
years before he was famous ---> Back at One
Interview <--- His Mom & JB at age 14
 his moves ---> Need Somebody to Love

Are you a fan yet?
another secret...
i would LOVE to see him in concert.

Justin Bieber Fan



Carolyn said...

HAHA This makes me giggle. :)

The Miskell Family said...

Ahhhhh, did you go get his new Christmas album? It came out today... haha, crazy that I know that :)

Ashley said...

LOL too funny - his home towm is only 20 minutes away from me!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I think he is adorable!

Lauren said...

Haha! JB is adorable! No worries... after I watched his movie I had major Beiber Feva! ;) lol!

Mrs. Thomas said...

Oh my gosh, this is so funny! But I love him too, like more than my 14 year old sister does! ...and I didn't know that his Christmas album came out today until I read another comment! I may have to get it :)

Jessica said...

Jessica, I absolutely love JB as well. haha! I have to remind my students since all those 6th grade boys are wanting his "look" and those 6th grade girls are wanting his "heart" that if you want to be like that or win him over, you have to do and want to do right...in life and in school. My famous quote of the day to my boys, "Would Justin be doing this?" haha, funny to laugh about...but honestly it works. I am in the same boat, girl!

Amberly Enich said...

OMG GIRL! I am SO glad I am not the only one! I am 24 years old and I freaking LOVE JB! I fell in love with his story and have followed his success ever since. I totally jam out to ALL of his songs. I can't pick just one I love them all. I am right there with you on going to a concert. I will totally be going to the next one he has in ATL however I will be taking my niece so I don't look completely stupid. I love that you are public with this too!

OH and speaking of BSB.. Have you ever been to their concert? I went to the NKOTBSB tour this summer... A MAZING!


Allison said...

LOL, I seriously have Bieber fever!!! I just bought his holiday album that came out on the 1st. If you haven't...you're gonna want to! Seriously...love it!