Monday, November 7, 2011

JB {& Ellen} Clip of the week.

Wanna laugh? Watch this.
... hysterical.

Not only am I a HUGE fan of JB but I tell ya...
Have you ever watched Ellen Degeneres?
She is by far the second most funniest person I've seen.
Seen described as on TV of course
 & second defined as first behind my husband

Ellen has is going on. Ever in a bad mood. Just watch her.
She's amazing!


Ashley said...


Ellen is soooo funny! Love her :)

Allison said...

Ellen is so awesome, when I wasn't working I would always watch her show! LOL

Carolyn said...

Thanks for making me the commenter of the week! That's so sweet! :)

Kristine said...

I. LOVE. ELLEN. She's amazing.

Amberly Enich said...

Seriously my two favorite celebs. Justin Beiber and Ellen. I can't go a day without watching her. She is AMAZING!