Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The BEST day EVER! {Special Dances + some}

As soon as our parents, bridal party, and WE were announced into
the reception Aaron and I went straight into our first dance -
Heaven - Jason Aldean version

As sweet as we look, it started out a bit... overwhelming.
Our DJ didn't line us up for the entrance so that was a mess. I was panicking a bit. I had all this organized many weeks before and spoke with our DJ to make sure everything was perfect. My entire bridal party learned a dance to the song we walked into
'Step in the Name of Love - by R. Kelly {the song has history}
by the time we hit the center of the dance floor was when everyone was supposed to break it down, however... the DJ cut it off and announced our FIRST DANCE {which was supposed to happen after the entrance dance.} Not a huge deal, but still irriated me.

... he was so happy.

Also, after leaving my dress at the bridal shop for 2.5 weeks more than it should to have a total of SEVEN hooks to bustle the train.. the hooks were there but the loops were not.
Therefore, I had to tug this train {so heavy} around. It was a bit 'overwhelming' to dance in.
{picture of my Mom,  several Aunt's & a few cousins saftey pinning my dress up
so I could enjoy the night. That should NOT have to happen}

... i'm hugging Aarons little cousins. They called me 'Cinderella'.
it was so sweet the way they looked at me all.night.long

After a minute of our dance & high blood pressure, Aaron just looked at me and said...
"Breath. Live in this moment you've been waiting for. It's okay babe."

So I did, and it turned out to be a special moment.
It was so sweet & the song is more than perfect for us.
It decribes us from 11 years ago, when we first started dating... to now.
We had a time choosing the song. He wouldn't let up on this one.

"This song is perfect, J." - my groom

Funny Fact: In order to keep my dress from getting all bundled up we had to turn and then get half around around... and turn and go the other way. We felt as if we were in middle school. It was hilarious.. {not really} but it's funny now.


Immeditately after our first dance, was Daddy Daughter Dance.
Daddy chose this song & got a little emotional during it.
It was so sweet.

& immediately after the Daddy Daughter...
came the Mother Son Dance.
This song is completely perfect for Aaron & his Mom.

favorite picture of mine

Will post two other special dances
later down the road....
Stay Tuned.


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Beautiful pictures & songs!
Can't wait to see more :)

Rebecca said...

so beautiful!!! you looked perfect

Kristen479 said...

As always lovely pictures :)
I am in love with your dress!

And the song choices are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Anngela said...

I love all the special dances and the songs! I especiallyyy love your first dance song--it fits so perfectly for my boyfriend and I as's always been on my possibility list :) I LOVE Jason's version too!!

Manda said...

Love all your songs!!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Love it! Love you girl!!!

Carolyn said...

SO CUTE! :) I just love your dress... so pretty!!

♥ H ♥ said...

Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!!

Mrs. Thomas said...

Beautiful pictures, you look so pretty!
Can't wait until you post more! :)

brlracincwgrl said...

Beautiful photos! I love the song choices!

Lindsay said...

Aw so sweet :) Great song choices!

Amanda said...

wow! you looked gorgeous!

Krystal said...

I love love love all of your music that you chose for your wedding, I think that when I ever get married I'm gonna let you pick all my music!! HAHA!!!

Stephanie said...

Your selling your wedding dress missy??!! I'm just now seeing that little button on the top. Had I not already gotten married, I would have bought that beauty from you in a HEARTBEAT!!! Good luck selling it!! xoxo

PS-Love allllll these pics!! You looked stunning...duh!! And I love the sweet comment your husband made to you during your first dance. Adorable!

Holly Marie said...

New reader/follower here :)

Beautiful pictures! You look stunning :)

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Your wedding looks like it was so much fun! And I love your dress!

Beautiful Beautiful Bride!