Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Living in Yellow, link up.

i linked up with Erin, from Living in Yellow, with
25 facts about yourself.
this was extremely hard, but here it goes.
i take long hour [sometimes two] baths everyday, never showers, of course unless I am not home. I refill my bath tub up three times with hot water & bubbles & my wine glass. it's the only time i actually s.t.o.p during the day.
i have no fear of a dance floor.
i am that person that never leaves & by the end of the night her face is apple red.
i would love to take ball room dance lessons at some point in my life.
this is me doing the 'bernie' for the first time - at a wedding this October. 


as much as i will not admit it to my husband...
i'm the biggest sore loser when playing against him.
i get high off of hosting parties.
something about the details brings joy to my heart.
{expensive hobby}
i talk a lot.
too much sometimes.
i talk faster than the normal.
i am very comfortable in my own skin.
i have my moments where i wanna wear baggy t-shirts to hide my
bloated- i ate too much- gained 10 lbs {opps}... but i like my body and what
god has given me. that being said... if i ever got any kind of change to my body, i would
have them suck out my boobs & inject it in my butt.
i have a weird love for airports & flying.
something about tugging my luggage around & waiting on a flights
excites me. makes me feel like i'm somebody... big. {ha}

i want to learn how to sew... really bad.
on my 24th birthday {2 years ago},  my mother bought me a sewing machine
and i've yet to learn. in fact, the box was never opened until my aunt came down for the wedding. i refuse to get rid of it.
my mom is my backbone.
my day is not the same if i don't stop in for morning coffee...
let alone talk to her.

my dream is to stay at home with our children & be a PTO mom.
i pout when i don't get my way.
it's just something i do unintentionally. it usually gets Aaron every time.
we have a little girls name picked out {& have for years}
that's if we are blessed with a little girl.
allison rainie drew.
allison because 'alli' was the only  girl name Aaron liked many years ago
when randomly discussing names. Ali Drew didn't work for me so I added allison.
rainie because it's what everyone called my grandmother - she was the rock of the family.
the best part about that name is it's Aaron's initials. That was not planned.

aaron is ahead on 'baby time' more than i am. i'm not ready.
but i'd be lying if i told you i don't picture how sexy he'd be as a daddy
... everyday.

i always read the last chapter first before i begin a book. 
i read magazines starting from the back.
i have two tatoos.
i'm so unorganized, yet the most organized person you will ever meet.
unorganized = items or clothes behind the cabinets/closet doors of stuffing clothes in drawers because they can not be seen {worlds worst} is my weakest & it drives me crazy. yet i document everything & start planning for events in our lives months before the day. i have binders & folders that keep me organized.
that being said, i've already started planning our 1st year anniversary.
on my sweet sixteenth birthday party, I {& two other friends} performed a coyote ugly dance in front of my 40-ish high school friends. we used a slip N slide as my bar top & actual took tea pitchers as they did in the movie to pour water on us, we even had spotlights on us. it was a moment in my life i will never forget and often go back to it.

i am addicted to hobby lobby, love, & social media.
a physic once told me i was going to have twin boys.
... and a lot of other things that [so far] as come true.
... nervous.
i granny bowl - always
enough said. 
twenty one.
i never get on the computer at home.
... i should be fired.
twenty two.i-laugh-really-loud.
twenty three.
i believe in taking pictures of everything & every event.
twenty four.
I could watch Sandra Bulloch movies & never get bored.
i think she is amazing all around.
i never tell your secrets.


Ashley said...

Great to learn more about you ;)

YOU must learn to sew!! It is sooo much fun!!!

Manda said...

I'm learning how to sew right now too, relocated my mom's machine to my house! Good luck and have fun with it!

Carolyn said...

I love reading these sorts of posts :)

I want to be a PTO mom too! And Allison Rainie is ADORABLE!

dottie said...

I love this! I started one yesterday and it was taking forever, then I had to leave work. Ha, ha!I'm a terrible employee. Whoopsie!

J and A said...

Loved this. You are too cute.

Katie said...

I loved reading your list. It's always fun to get to know people more! I too pout when I don't get my way..only naturally I say haha :)

have a great thanksgiving!!

BlessedMama said...

Great list. I want to learn to sew too. I just got my grandma's 1950 sewing machine, it still works so hopefully I will start learning soon. Pinterest has great tutorials too! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

brlracincwgrl said...

I loved this!

I've been wanting to learn how to sew for a very long time, however you're one step ahead of me! You have a sewing machine :).

Oh, and I always read the last page of the book before I start it. Sometimes it ruins the whole thing!

Ashley B. said...

Loved reading your list, it was so cute, funny and sweet all wrapped up in one little gift to us!!

Thanks for sharing girly!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...

Loved this! I think you and I would get along as irl friends!!!

Rebecca said...

it;s so weird but I think a guy holding like his baby niece or something is so hot!! Daddy factor =]

Erin said...

Thanks so much for linking glad I found your blog. You are absolutely gorgeous!!! And I relate to you on so many of these! Can't wait to keep reading :)

Amberly Enich said...

This just confirms how much alike we are. I LOVE to dance, I want to learn to sew, take long baths.. You forgot to mention your obsession with JB! ;)

Jessica said...

Girl, you just described my know to a "t"..... wow! haha. Loved reading this post! I've got to get on it with blogging, time off for thanksgiving break has really taken it's toil on me...need to make time to link up with people. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Stephanie said...

Aw loved all these! SO many things I didn't know about little ol' YOU!

have a wonderful thanksgiving love!!


Pamela said...

Love this! So cute!

Raeven said...

My mom is my backbone, too. I don't know what I'd do without her and don't want to find out!

Loved reading this and learning about you!