Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bleu Belle Bridal Show

January 30, 2011
Bleu Belle Bridal hosted this years Georgia Bridal Show
at the Jepson Center downtown Savannah Georgia!
Besides not making the fashion show, I had a blast!

Me, my mother in law, Kandi &  Aaron's Grandma, Pattye.
My Mom had to skip out due to making a last minute trip to New York to visit my Grandpa!
It was not the same without her, however I still enjoyed my day! So, making another last minute arrangement, my Maid of Honor filled in her spot! We started out around 11am. We checked in and I received a few goodies!

We walked around for a little bit scoping out different vendors, then suddenly after the third person asking us
"Are you here for the Brunch?"
We realized we were too early. My fault! I thought the show was at 11am...
Well it was just the VIP Brunch. We did not sign up for that, however they armbanded us, so they probably would have let us through. We were told the fashion show was at 1am therefore we decided to leave and grab a bite to eat. The four of us dined at one of my favorite cafes' in Savannah; Soho Cafe'.

After Lunch we headed back to the Jepson Center for the show!
When we arrived there were a lot more booths and vendors set up! If I learned anything that today, I got amazing ideas for my dinner tables. I fell in love instantly!

This place had A-MAzing food & desserts. Those stick looking things in the back ground... I want those.

LOVED everything about this table. The vintage look captured my heart.
I wish Mom could have seen this in person.
The silverware is placed on a piece of vintage book paper... a love story book.
I love the dolies. My kind of style. The colored mason jars.... HUGE fan!

So many invitations... too much to decided.
I need MOms hand on these.

When we walked up to this table, instantly LOVED the raised glass look.
"I want this." - Me
My Dads a glass man... Hmmmm?

They also had several stylist working up-dos on models.
There was so much to see. It was so fun!

We also tested a lot of cakes and desserts! I was completely stuffed after lunch, but cake is something we haven't even started looking at. [Not a hugh fan of cake... I know, I know... I'm weird]

I was extremely excited about this second cake, more than any other one!
How great would this be... for a kids birthday?
[Why am I evening mentioning KIDS??? - However, speaking of them, Aaron is SERIOUS about the talk
we had a few nights ago. He keeps mentioning it to e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e! WTH?]

We then realized that the show should be starting, and hasn't.
So, I went to the front desk and asked the sweet lady...
Show starts at 4:00pm - Bummer!
If I didn't have my dress already & my maids dresses picked out [coming tomorrow], I probably would've stayed. However, we had already seen everything and I didn't feel like hanging around another two hours! So, we decided to leave! I got so many wonderful goodies, better yet a lot of table top ideas
 and kept saying "This is a must have"
 On our way out we ran into my childhood best friend. Kacie is getting married this November! I am very excited for her! She is marrying the boy next store! William was in love with Kacie the day he moved in the neighbor hood.

Go HERE to see more pictures of the entire show!
Before saying good-bye!  I had to get one last photo of me & my Maid of Honor/Best Friend

I had a wonderful time & felt a little more like a Bride!


Marian said...

Glad you got some ideas. I went to a few bridal shows and found them very helpful as well!!

Jessica Nicole said...

Im not getting married (Im single) but Id love to go to a bridal show! (just incase that day ever comes!) LOL.

Id like to be a wedding planner. That'd be my dream job. Ive done a lot of research and read every book in Barnes & Noble.

Follow me. Im new to blogging.

ash said...

How awesome! I love these events. You really can get some great ideas and tips from them!
I'm so sad that I didn't know anything about this Bridal Show!

Ashley said...

Very cool! I'm not a cake girl either. At our wedding we had a fabulous looking 5 tier cake for guests but we also had an ice cream company called Marble Slab come in and do different ice cream and mix in's (just like Cold Stone) it was a hit!! Make your own ice cream bar :)

♥Cait said...

Sounds like you had a great time! The cakes are super cute, especially the second one! How neat! From your story & the looks of your pictures, this bridal show had a lot more ideas to see than the one at the Civic Center. Bummer!