Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor

The Ladies I want in the bottom TWO:

I fell in love with Shawntel when her and Brad went on their one on one date. I thought she was very easy going. She's classy & seems to be relaxed and fun! Her Job? So what? Someone has to do it. I mean, I don't know what I'd say if I went one a first date with a guy who then told me he works on the dead and how he fills & drains the veins... But, who cares! It really seemed to be her passion. I think she's in it for true love.
I think Shawntel & Brad go well together! 

I really love Emily! I think Emily is absolutely beautiful, classy, and she's really trying to find Love.  Her situation is hard, however I do believe she is wanting to move on and fall in love again. I hope she comes around. Last nights episode scared me a little. When she informed Brad that she pushes away, I thought.. .Why would you tell someone that when you want him to pick you? However, why keep it in? I was very glad to see her correct herself before the rose ceremony. I hope she's in the bottom, if not I hope she is the Wifey to Be. I look forward to next weeks episode when Brad asks to see her daughter.... My first reaction is, well dang I can see why she should hesitate, however... if she really is falling for him and feels there "could be". I believe she should do it. I think this could make it or break it.

The Women I DON'T think should be there:

Michelle is beautiful! But, I think she is there just for the competition & to get on everyones nerves! All she wants to do is win his heart.. [or MALE ORGAN] by seductively making out with him. She is annoying as can be & Jealous. OKay, so it would be very hard to really like a guy or maybe falling for a guy and having to watch him go out with other woman. The longer time goes, yes... it would be very hard. Jealousy is normal in that case. However, she's a witch & over the top jealous. Chick, he HAS to take these girls out.  She only gets a rose because A] He's thinking with the wrong organ B] Ratings!!!
Quote Michelle  on last nights episode: " I want a guy like Brad" - She wants a guy like Brad? She should be saying... "I want Brad."
I want her off!

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Okay... So last night on their solo date. She was a pretty cool cat. Of course!  However, I feel on a regular base, everyday kinda thing... They'd never make it. Prior to last night, she annoyed the crap out of me! She's clinging & seems slightly controlling and very jealous! I don't care for her too much.

What I would do if I were on the show:
a. when I did get one on one time, even if it was 5 minutes.
I would not spend my time talking about everyone else or him and the
other woman. I'd try to relax or get him to have a good time. Laugh. Brad seems stressed. [Shawntel did good by letting all the crap go last night & getting him to relax]
b. I wouldn't nag him. BIGGEST thing a man hates.. Nagging and questioning.
Or, my man at least!
c. I would've tore up the shopping spree from top to bottom! Lucky Shawntel!


Shell said...

Michelle is a total crazy.

I like Emily, though.

♥Cait said...

Ok, so I am ALL into The Bachelor this season. Michelle, ughhh, shes got to go. You took the words right out of my mouth. I told Cliff last night as soon as she stated "i want a man LIKE Brad". Ditto. Shes in it for the fame of the game. Now, Chawntel.. I like her, but dont see that connection. I.love.emily! I think itll come down to Chantel O and Emily. But, who knows. It kinda scared me when it showed last weeks preview for the upcoming shows.. It had Emily crying, then showed Brad crying...? I dont know. They can edit to make you think all kinds of things. But Brit? Really? Ive never even seen them conversate whatsoever. Weird choice to keep. Ok..i think I'm done now, hehe.

MishMish said...

Oh I'm sick to death of Michelle - I've decided they made Brad keep her on there for ratings!! Though he does seem to make out with her every chance he gets, but then she's so aggressive I guess it's hard to say NO! I was so mad he kept her last night.

I do love Emily - I think she is very classy. I think they had their first kiss on last night's episode. She seems so genuine and likable!

My biggest peeve is when they are on a group date and he makes out with the girls - you don't do that on a group date!! I hate that!!!

Meghan said...

I really like Emily!! Michelle is absolutely bat crap crazy though!

Day 2 Day Living said...

Every year I have every intention of watching this show...every year I fail at getting to watch it.

Lindsi said...

Agree, agree, and agree! I'm digging Shawntel seriously--seems to be an everyday normal kinda girl.

I like Emily as a person, but I'm not certain that she is Brad's solemate.

and, I actually like Chantel.


Anonymous said...

OMG...I always think what you wrote last...if these girls are nagging him NOW, imagine what their life would be like after the show!! What guy likes a nag? And who cares about other people when you only have 5 minutes together? I would just enjoy that little time, but Michelle just wants to WIN. You have that right...she doesn't care about love or feelings, she just doesn't want to lose!

Cute blog :) I just found you...I'm so sad I've been missing out! Haha

Kristin said...

I love Emily!!