Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bachelor 2011: My Thoughts


What in the world was she thinking???? Why would she put Brad through that? So many people handle death differently. My guess is 90% aren't very great with it. Yes, Shawntel made a lot of since when talking about why she loves her job and that's great. But... Geez, I knew she was going home. He felt so uncomfortable. Who wouldn't?
Her Dad? A little selfish, right? I do understand if their plans were about Shawntel taking over the business, .... Okay, to skip that... That's not what I would want to discuss if he's meeting my parents for the first time. It was so awkward. However, I heard on the radio station this morning, that the producers told Shawntel to take him there and do that stuff. So.. Maybe it was unfair, but still... to put him on the embalming [sp] table?
Yep! She was gone!

Alright, I'm so up and down with this Chantel. I like her when it's the two of them, however she's exactly what Brad described her as "An emotional roller coaster ride."

I liked her last night. She seemed fun & happy & carefree. Was her house not adorable for a single girl? - Even better... Her parents home? Who the crap has a statue in their home??? Wow! I think it went well for her last night. I really think Brad liked her family and could see himself with her. Chantel & Emily were the only two ladies he used the term "wife" when talking about them. - I thought Chantel looked horrible at the rose ceremony! Horrible!

As I said last week, I like Ashely more and more! Last night, I really liked her! Yes, she was a little hyper. But, she reminded me so much of how my lifestyle is. No, I am not a dentist but I come from a small town [a lot smaller than her hometown] & I'm bouncy like that. However, it's not about that. I could just relate to her. I thought Ashley was adorable. My favorite was when she brought Brad to the restaurant where she first was employed & then ordered.... Fries with Gravy & Cheese. When feeding the fried to him, she stated "And I saw your Crown" - His face was priceless! I dyed laughing. Her family.... Okay they were fun! Very happy people, which is good. But when talking with Daddy, he stated Ashley didn't want children. Skiiiiiiirt! Right there he should know she isn't the one.

[NO pictures on Google WHAT.SO.EVER with their hometown date. Is this a sign?]

Emily & Ricki
Was last night not P.E.R.F.E.C.T for them? Little Ricki was soooo adorable. Her giggle melted my heart.
[Emily looks SOOOOO Happy]
I loved everything about their date and felt it was very realistic. I was confused on why it didn't show any of her other family, but then we discuss that Ricki was the one person that both Brad & Emily needed approval from.
I can't even describe how wonderful, I thought their date was. The ending was a little weird, but I completely respected Brad for not making out with her. It's his first time, however Emily is so right. Ricki will always be up there sleeping, but.... I still agreed with Brad. Was her house not adorable? I want it! [haha] I do believe Emily is really starting to fall in love with Brad. Very happy to see her opening up!
 And... WhoA! She looked A-MAZING at the Rose ceremony! Gosh... she is just beautiful!

Once Again... Ready for next week! South Africa! Beautiful Country!
Judging from the previous, Ashley is next in line to go home...
However, I wasn't sure Ricki would take well to Brad judging from last weeks previous, and she DID! So... We will see!


Anonymous said...

I so agree with everything!!! I think he really likes Ashley, but I have no clue why...I think she will be gone next week b/c it showed them talking about how she's so insecure about their relationship.

Emily looked GORGEOUS and Chantel looked AWFUL! That dress was not flattering on her at all :/ Ashley looked a little odd, too...maybe it was her fresh-off-a-nap look going on? Haha...it's so easy to judge when I'm sitting on my couch :)

The Mrs. said...

Girl, I was looking last night to see if you had twitter and couldn't wait to read your thoughts-ha!

I'm not sure why because Chantal was on a high (point of the rollercoaster ride) last night but I just didn't like her at all.

Ashley, I LOVED her last night. I thought she was absolutely adorable. I'm from a really small town too and we eat fries with chees and gravy as well but I've never heard it called that. :D I think I like her so much because I can relate.

Emily is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I loved little Ricki and I thought their date was sooo perfect aside from the end-lol.

Shawntel's date was just so ackward! That's all I have to say-lol.

I can't wait to see next week!

♥Cait said...

Poor Shawntel. I just don't think that was what Brad needed. Ok, it was for publicity purposes, but.. that's just a little freaky.

Chantel seemed liked a different person last night! Her and her parents houses were gorgeous! I'd take a few of those wine bottles off of their hands ;) But, that outfit at the rose ceremony. Hideous. Flat out awful! I wanted to reach through and let her hair down, put some studs in those ears, and carve a v-neck into the dress. Brooke and I's thoughts...."is she pregant?!" Oh my word, she has gained like 10 pounds it looks like. I don't remember her looking like that to begin with. You don't think that night on their one-on-one date...? Coming out of his bathroom with his white tee on?? Uhhh-huh. Who knows! hehe. Just a thought tossed up in the air!

Ashley was precious! I love her personality and bubbliness. I feel that because her and Brad keep taking steps back having to "reassure', he's loosing interest & she will definitely be the next to go. Bummer! She's so fun!

TEAM EMILY! ...STILL! I'm soo glad Ricki opened up and began to show a little portion of her personality! She's soo cute! I loved the fact Brad brought her a gift, great idea on his part. Emily's home was beautiful as well!

And, hello, SOUTH AFRICA? I mean really?! How awesome!

I can't wait till next week ♥

MishMish said...

I'm sold on Emily!!! I'm betting that she is the one left standing at the end of the day. Honestly, I think he's in love with her already, but of course he can't say that. I didn't understand, though why Brad didn't meet more of her family. I know her daughter isn't the only family she has out there...right??

Chantel's family shocked me - when they showed the inside of that house my jaw dropped!!! I wonder if Brad knew what he was walking into prior to that - though once they were there and visiting a while, he did seem to have a great time with them and got on great with her father.

brlracincwgrl said...

I adore Emily! She's my favorite and pick. However, I have a feeling he will end up with Chantel.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a family of funeral directors...it really didn't bother me but the average person...WAY too much.

Chantel, she's looked big in the last 2 episodes. I thought her midsection looked huge in the swimsuit shoot and in that red dress but tiny in her black shirt...hmmm.

Ashley I think is a little too much for him. He's ready to settle down and I don't think she's family-ready.

Emily I think is it. They see so connected and just have it. Did you see the "bloopers" when they were cooking? So Cute!