Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Maids Dresses

Designer: Bari Jay
Style: 103
Color: Cocoa

How I picked the dress:

Has to be a gown
Would like to have a "flowy" [not a word] look
Color; Gold, Mocha, or Champagne!
I preferably wanted Gold. But remember my colors are blue and [shiny] gold!
The golds weren't cutting it for me & I was not about to put them in a shiny dress PERIOD.
My dress is ivory, so Champagne was too close to mine & looked like it would wash your color pigment out! The gold dresses were doing the same!
I walked in and saw this color dress on a manikin the day I bought my gown!
I showed my mom & the ladies that were with me, they loved it! Prior to Wedding Dress shopping, I showed them what I had in mind for their dresses! As I was filling out all the paper work for my gown, my ladies were having fun looking for Bridesmaids Dresses!

It's here to stay!
In March, we will go and have everyone fitted & order their dresses!
We have a small, maybe large dilemma
Aaron's sister is pregnant. She is due August 1st. Has anyone ever gone through this kind deal, pregnant & in a wedding? How does it work with her being fitted? I know she is panicing inside, however she does not show it to me!

Our Wedding Website is up & ready to Rock N Roll!
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The Patrick's said...

My sister was supposed to be my MOH and due a week and a half before the wedding. I told her I could find someone to stand in but she just "knew" he would come early. Well she was wrong and came about 10 minutes before the rehearsal. Luckily, one of my out of town friends who didn't think she would make it came and was my MOH. My sister got her dress 4 sizes bigger (I think) and since she was the MOH, her dress was different from the other girls. Her dress had an empire waist and was supposed to just flow over her belly. Congrats on the engagement and have fun on planning.. It was such an amazing time!

ash said...

The dresses are amazing Jess! I ♥ them! I acutally picked out one a lot like this one. I love the gown look and the "flowy" material! I, too, have had some problems with the color of the dresses. I have been looking for a goldishy- champagne color, but have NOT been able to find anything I like!

I'm very excited for you! And I can't believe how you are on top of everything!! :) Have a wonderful Wednesday ♥

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Love the dresses! That is a really pretty color!! :)

I tried clicking on the wedding website and it didn't work! :(

Ana said...

I've been to a lot of weddings (27 in five years with another 2 this summer) and when there's preggo eggos, if the dress doesn't come in a preggo version, they just go with the same designer and get the same material, but with an empire waist to accommodate for a growing belly. Good luck!! I <3 Wedding Wednesdays with you!

The Mrs. said...

My SIL and one of my MOH's is pregnant, my SIL is due this month and my friend is due in April. When we ordered our dresses they just ordered a size up from what they originally would wear and went from there. It was really not an issue, but I suggest going bigger than what she was. That way if she doesn't lose all the weight, the dress will still fit. If she does, then she can get it altered. :D

Those dresses are beautiful!

Day 2 Day Living said...

I was pregnant in my brothers wedding. They ordered my dress 2 sizes larger and then we just fit the dress to me a few days before the wedding. Worked out beautifully.

♥Cait said...

Oh Jess, the gowns are gorgeous! I think they are perfect! I would give you advice on the prego bridesmaid, but I honestly have no idea, ha! Have a good one :)

Bracey Pate said...

LOVE this dress!! I'm going to be in a wedding in May, and "my bride" went with Bari Jay too.

Faith said...

what a gorgeous dress! lucky bridesmaids! :)

Meghan said...

Beautiful dress (: I found your blog a few weeks ago, and fell in love with the design, and how down to earth you are. You can consider me your newest follower :DD

M said...

Love the dresses,

I love your blog and I'm giving you an award! Go to my blog,! Megs<3

Ashley said...

that dress is gorgeous!! They are similar in style to the ones my sister picked =)
I can't wait to see it all come together -- it's going to be gorgeous!