Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My thoughts on The Bachelor

Since I posted my opinion last week about THE BACHELOR, I've had a lot of feed back and small talk with  many of my lady bloggers! I love it! So i figured I had to write my thoughts & opinons & even HOPES for the past, present, & future shows!

I'm pretty sure she is everyone's favorite! She's my pick of the litter anyway! She's gorgeous, but it's not about looks! She's sweet, sensitive and I really think she's liking Brad more and more. I can see more of a "wanting Brad" connection with her now more than ever. I used to think she looked scared of him. LOVED how Brad broke the rules. LOVED how he didn't take NO for an answer when they discussed about meeting Ricki! I'm super excited about next Monday. Meeting the family can make it or break it! It's a big step, especially for Emily & Ricki! However, judging from the preview... Ricki scares me! I think she may pull away from him. Hopefully it's just a tease & them making me feel that way. Because, I tell ya... I did NOT see Brad freaking out about the girls reactions after the photo shoot on the Beach in last weeks previous either.. and he did! So I'm hoping it's throwing us for a loop.
However, Can't make my mind up if Emily is right for Brad OR is it that I just really want Emily to find love? I don't know!

Aaron's Thoughts: Really likes Emily. His favorite. He said she thinks too deep & he personally could not deal with that. [What that means, he couldn't explain too well, so I don't know]

I really like her! I feel Shawntel is very outgoing, down to earth, she seems to get a long with everyone in the house, which means she isn't based on D.R.A.M.A [Good Sign] & I think she is naturally beautiful. I wish I had her skin complexion! HA! I really liked her date with Brad this week. I felt it was more of a reality date and she was very comfortable. On a scale from 1-10 on my judgement of Brads taste for her.... 5.
Next weeks show, he goes home to her family... It showed him on a table! FREAK-ish! WTH? However she did say on a previous show that her job was her passion and I think that's good! Buuuuut...I think that may break it for him! He stated he didn't deal with death well, her face dropped!
We will see!

Aaron's Thoughts: It annoyed him that she got so happy over seeing baby goats. He sucked his teeth. I had to explain to him that not everyone lives in a small town where it's known to have goats in your backyard or in your neighbors yard. It's not very normal to some people, to turn a corner and see a baby goat... She lives in California!

Ashley H.
I like her more and more! From the start, she wasn't one of my favorites, however I do like her and I do feel she is really falling for Brad. She has a bubbly personality! I was very please he gave her a rose at the pool; did NOT want either of the others to get one. Next weeks show: I loved how excited she got when she saw her family. I'm such a family girl and her reaction when she walked door reminded me of how I am with my family!
I don't have too much to say about her, but I do like her. I do feel Brad is into Ashley! She may be my second choice for Brad.

Aaron's Thoughts: He doesn't really have any!

I don't know what it is about her that. I like her and then I don't. Then I do... Today, I feel I want her to go home next! I didn't like how she posed with out a top. [Ashley H. - Okay so she covered up with shells, not bad] Chantel was begging for attention and I believe that is why she did not get the rose. I DO feel.. as much as I do really like admitting, that Brad does like her... A LOT. More than I would like... But she's seems to drama-fied for me. However, on one-on-one dates I think she is really cool. But that's not how life is. You don't get picked up on a helicopter or get to go to Costa Rica and swim under waterfalls. Nope. That isn't reality. I do feel she is in love with him [which would suck to have to watch him take other people out] and I understand why she freaks out [& crys] about him not picking her over the other girls, but that's the name of the game. She signed up for it. Something about her I just don't care about. I do not want her to win.

Aaron's Thoughts: She was going home on last Mondays show! He also stated her belly was doing weird things. Does she have major swag back?

Okay, how sweet is Britt! But, you gotta admit... We don't know much about her! Which sucks for her! I feel she didn't really get her chance. Maybe something could've been. Maybe they would have had romance on the romantic island if they would have had time before. Her date matched up to the rest of the ladies dates like 3 shows ago. Of course she isn't gonna just roll around, sexually make out with him... DUH! Because this is her first time with him alone without being pulled away or having somebody stare at you. I did feel bad for Britt, however I do not feel she is effected by it. She did not cry when she talked about Brad. She didn't cry when he looked at her and said, I don't feel it. Which to be honest... that would be brutal to hear. She only cried when telling the other girls and I think that was more over embarrassment because she was waiting for her chance and everyone was confident that he wasn't giving out roses so she was safe!
So, I feel she got out okay but didn't get her chance to shine! I do look up to him for just ending then and there rather than leading her on. However, I don't think she even took a bite of her dinner! Rude!

Aarons thoughts: She should have been gone a long time ago


Thats right... Good Bye Michelle!
I had a feeling after Brad's reaction to the beach make out session maybe it was her time. When he said I've made my mind up. I know who I wanna send him. No Cocktail Hour. I did feel it was her. Because it kept showing her most & then Chantel. I was glad to see her go! I DID think she would have more to say than nothing at all.

Aaron's Thoughts: Just the same as everyone elses in America

Feel free to share or write your thoughts! I LOVE it!


MishMish said...

Honestly - I don't think we've heard the last of Michelle!! Though I am soooo glad he finally sent her home!!!

This commercial made me laugh - I am sure this was based on her!

Keely said...

I know who wins..just sayin! ;-)

The Mrs. said...

HAHAHAHA, I love how Aaron included his input! :D

I was so glad that Michelle went home, I definitely thought she would have more to say, I'm hoping the ATFR isn't all about Michelle and everything she wished she would have said.

I LOVE Emily, but like you I'm not sure if I love her for Brad or if I just want her to find love..I'm anxious to see their hometown date.

Kristin said...

glad you blogged about this again :)
i really am not a fan of chantel but i thnk brad really really likes her. he is always talking about how she is wife material... i think he has a thing for brunettes. i always liked ashley but she has been getting really insecure and its kind of annoying... thinking she was getting sent home when really she was getting a rose... i think chawntel or ash are the next to go... we will see... keep blogging about this tho hehe

M said...

I'm really starting to love Emily and Chantel. I like Ashley but she's a whole lot of drama.

Have they always done 4 hometown's? I thought it was 3? hmmmm

L0veLindsey said...

Yes! So, so, so glad Michelle got the boot.. She drove me nuts! Emily is def. my favorite, too. When everyone else is bitch talking and crying she's level headed and just takes it as it comes. I just love her all around, not to mention she's gorgeous!

By the way, I'm giving away a really cute ring on my blog. You should check it out!

Mr Lonely said...

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~Dawn~ said...

I also know who wins - and it isn't who I'd pick for Brad. :(

Love you Bachelor updates. Fun!