Monday, February 28, 2011

Who is EXCITED???? I am! I am!

Who is going home?
I'm thinking  [HOPING] Chantal or Ashley!
I feel in my heart Ashley is going home tonight! I love her bubbly personality, however....She's a little to push and shove! I like you, do you like me? I like You.. Tell me you like me!
Chantal... Something I just don't really care to like 110%. I don't have the great reason.. Oh wait, maybe it's because I am TEAM EMILY!

Brad WILL propose to Emily♥ 
Let's hope so anyway!

Why I love Emily? - Who doesn't? No, really - Emily is great all the way around. I'm sure she has her faults, who doesn't? But she's all around a genuine person. I love, love, love  her mommy skills!
The way she was with little Ricki was truly awesome. Her daughter is her everything, so it seems!

Why I think Emily & Brad are good for each other? - I don't really know what Brad went through before, But I believe they both really want love and are finding the comfort of love within each other. Make sense? I think Brad will be a wonderful father figure to Ricki and make up for lost father time. Being his father isn't around, I think he will try even harder to Ricki's sake!
I do believe Brad & Emily are falling in love, however I need Chantal to disappear!


Curious, if you love Emily, You love her Story!
Thought I might share an image of the late finance' Ricky Hendrick!
   If you go HERE, you can watch more!

Video of the New channel Hendrick Motor Sport's Plane Crashed

Looking forward to tonight!
I'll be back with MORE tomorrow! Don't forget to drop in your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I love emily. I guess you havn't read the spoilers yet!!!!

The Mrs. said...

I'm SO excited, I hope all the spoilers are wrong. I really hope that Chantal goes home tonight, but like you I'm thinking it'll be Ashley :(

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about tonight! I am a HUGE fan of the Bachelor-its is the only show I CANNOT miss! :)

I adore Emily, she is a true beauty-inside and out, but I vote Chantal. I just feel like her & Brad would be better together. I think Emily needs a good Southern gentleman :) I guess I'm saying that Emily is too good for Brad! I'm hoping Chantal wins and Emily can be the next Bachelorette!

Anonymous said...

I am Team Chantel. I like Emily a LOT MORE, but I don't think they are right for each other...I guess we will see! I can't wait!!! BFF and I already have our wine and are ready to go :) Hah!


MishMish said...

I haven't seen any spoilers, but from these comments it sounds like Emily isn't Brad's pick - I hope that isn't true, though b/c I'm 100% for Emily. I mean, you cannot help but like this girl!!

Mrs. Mama said...

i LOVE emily as well.. and was very sad when i read the spoilers....

Christa said...

SOO excited about tonight's episode! I love Emily! I'm really hoping Ashley or Chantal gets kicked off too!