Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Party

I'll start off by saying, I woke up with butterflies. I was very calm all day, which is unusual. The party was perfect. Seriously, it could not have turned out better. I can only imagine how special we will feel on our big day, because we felt on top of the world! I sure did!  We had about 70 of our closest family members & friends at my parents house! Both our parents worked hard to make this night special. They achieved their goal. Our mothers... gosh, I don't think I can find words to describe the time, effort, energy, and love they put into this gathering. To capture everything, I'm gonna start piece by piece... moment to moment!

Decorations & Food
The party was held at my parents home, in the outside garage!
Decorated as best as it could be; Blue, Gold, & Brown was everywhere.

Our Table Tops

[Notice the favors: Stilettos & a fishing luers filled with sixlets!]

Cake Table

A Groom sitting down holding a fishing pole, with a ring on the hook....
The Bride reaching for the Ring...

The Food
[Don't have great pictures of the food tables, sorry]



Everyone here & there, socializing

Bridesmaid, Kristie & myself

Brother in law, Father in Law, Dad

Aaron with his Grandma & Mom.

 My greatest friends from my old job!

My Matron of Honor, My sister Kim!

Bridesmaid, Heather & myself

 Maid of Honor, Danielle & myself!

Friends since High School! 
Before Dinner, The Speeches

My step dad thanking everyone for joining us to celebrate our engagement!
Also welcoming Aaron as a son in law! :)

Mr. P adding his warm welcome. Telling everyone what he always says to Aaron and I!
"I always believe that when you are best friends, you will make it forever. I truly believe Aaron and Jessica are best friends. Once you're best friends, Lovers is just a bonus!"
Our Thank Yous

They were hand bags that said,
Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Groom

The Dads didn't get on... so they pretended!

Introducing Our Wedding Party

The Game
Basically The Newly Wed game, however we are not yet newly weds!
It was great. I just knew I'd blow Aaron out of the wall, but he showed me up.
I did beat him by one point - 12 to 13
The questions were handed out to our Maids & Groomsmen for them to take turns asking us! Both of us were given a dry erase board, when a Q was asked to Aaron I had to jot down what I thought his answer was. Vice Versa!

Here are a few example of the Q's & A's that were asked to each other;

AARON, What is your biggest pet peeve about Jessica?
My A: I put stuff in random places and can never find it.
His A: How she slurps when she drinks.

Jessica, If Aaron were to have dinner with a celebrity, who would he pick?
My A: Fergie [Thinking opposite sex]
His A: Jean Claude Van Damme

AARON, What is your favorite feature about Jessica?
My A: My Boobs
His A: Her Eyes

Jessica, What is Aaron most likely to be doing on a Sunday Afternoon?
My A: Fishing [This was hard b/c I didn't know what season]
Aaron's A: Anything Outdoors
Point Me!

Aaron, what is Jessica's favorite hobby?
My A: Crafts
His A: Scrapbooking
Point Aaron!

Jessica, What does Aaron Love about you most?
My A: My Personality
His A: The way she cares for people.
Close enough, Point Me!

Aaron, Where was your first kiss taken place?
My A: My Parents back porch by the door.
His A: Her parents Patio
Point Aaron!

Jessica, What is the most embarrassing thing Aaron has done in front of you?
My A: The 1st time he pooted in front of me, he tried to cover it up by walking in the pantry, however I heard it.
His A: Nothing.

Aaron, what is one secret that you've kept from Jessica, that you think she doesn't know about?
The Crowd immediately started saying... "Oh gosh, here goes a big fight"
My A: Nothing, he tells me everything.
His A: She knows everything.
Point Aaron!

Aaron, who is more dominant in the bedroom?
After being in shock for a minute, we started writing!
My A: Me [As I was red as a strawberry]
His A: Jessica
Point Aaron
[Embarrassing... Everyone dyed laughing]
now I get teased that the "D" on top of the cake was not for our future last night, it was for DOMINANT!

There were many, many, many more questions.. however I can not think of them all. It was fun & a great way to let everyone learn more about us.
In EVERYWAY! [ha!] We received a gift, Two cook books. A Grill Master one & The cook books of all cook books, Betty Crocker! I've always wanted Moms so she bought us our own. Aaron too, love this cook book!

Also, At the bottom on the Invitations, it stated
Your Presence is their Presents!
However, we did receive a few goodies!

Kristie, Candice, My sister Kerri, Heather, Holly, Me, My Sister Kim, & Danielle
Missing: Rachel & Aaron's sister, Bridget

The night ended with much happiness and I think everyone enjoyed their time together!
My groom & I felt so special!


Jessica and Stephan said...

I can't believe they asked that bedroom question! I would have DIED! good lord...I could NOT have answered that with my dad standing there!

Katie K. said...

It looks like you all had such a good time! What a fun party! I am also loving your new look!

Ali said...

That party is crazy awesome!!! You're so lucky to have a really awesome family & family-in-law

Kristin said...

wow what a special night!! loved the cake!!

Anonymous said...

That looked like a fantastic party. I can't believe that space was a garage, it looked beautiful. The mothers did a wonderful job of decorating. I LOVED the cake & all the food looked so yummy. Very neat game you all played too. Exquisite :)

Marcy XOXO said...

OMG they threw you an AMAZING engagement party! It was beautiful! Love all the pictures girl! So happy for you!

Marcy XOXO said...

OMG they threw you an AMAZING engagement party! It was beautiful! Love all the pictures girl! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

That is Awesome. Looks like such a great time! The decorations, food everything looked amazing. I can not wait to see yall's wedding pictures :)

Brooke Stone said...

New follower here! Cute engagement photos! Love the name of your blog as well. Hope you follow back! www.grantandbrookestone.blogspot.com
- brooke

Christin said...

So glad you had fun! The pictures are wonderful. Your parents really went above and beyond!

Pamela said...

looks like you had so much fun!!!